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Inclusion & Diversity

What is it about?

At Superdrug we love that everyone is unique. We respect and appreciate what makes us different and how important it is to belong. We are committed to being a truly inclusive workplace. Where diversity is embraced, success is celebrated, communities come together, and innovation is encouraged. We want our people to reach their potential no matter who they are. We are always learning and listening. Our employee networks ensure everyone has a voice and help inform and guide us to be better every day.

“I love Superdrug and I want us to be the best retailer online and on the High Street. I want us to be welcoming to ALL people. We can only do that when we have the best people, and to get the best people we need to be as inclusive and diverse as we can be. In our recruitment and selection processes, in our internal development programmes, our communications and our decision-making. We have a culture at Superdrug that I am very proud of. We have high engagement scores and loyal and passionate employees. I am committed to our workplace being one where everyone feels they can be themselves, where EVERYONE MATTERS.” -Peter Macnab- CEO Health & Beauty UK.

Employee Networks

To help us drive a culture of inclusion, we have made Inclusion & Diversity a key part of our People strategy. Part of this includes the creation of 6 pillars which focus on Gender Equality, LGBTIQ+, BAEM, Wellbeing, Access All Areas (Social Mobility), and Make Work Work (for everyone looking for flexibility at work).

Our networks help us listen, understand and improve so that we can be a truly inclusive workplace. Each network has their own Exec sponsor and Steering Group made up of people from all areas of our business who are passionate about the subject. Throughout the year we run lots of different events to raise awareness of/celebrate the networks including workshops, wellbeing sessions, panels and speakers.

Find out more about our networks below:

Gender Equality

The Gender Equality Network aims to create a fair and supportive workplace for people of all genders to champion and inspire women in our business, and to build a strong pipeline of diverse female talent to ensure a gender balance in our future leadership teams.

We are proud of our partnership with the Retail Week Be Inspired campaign which aims to promote a gender balance at all levels across retail and to encourage women to fulfil their career aspirations.
Our partnership allows us to offer additional learning and development to our employees at all levels through workshops, panel events, conferences and networking programmes, as well as giving them access to some of the best names in retail. Our two Ambassadors for Be Inspired allow us to give something back to the retail community.

“Being part of the Gender Equality network has enabled me to attend some amazing events, both in Head Office and externally, where I had the pleasure of listening to some great leaders and take part in various workshops that have benefitted me in my job. It’s a great platform for networking, discussing key topics and gives you the opportunity to participate in some amazing events.”
-Anna, Area Manager-


The BAEM Network aims to help Superdrug to be the employer of choice. We want to attract a diverse workforce, celebrate and encourage people to bring their unique backgrounds and talents to work for the benefit of our employees and customers. We promote inclusivity of all cultures, truly reflecting the communities we serve.

“Superdrug is already a great diverse company to work for. I'm excited to be a part of BAEM employee network as I want to add to this great diverse business and make sure that people from all backgrounds feel that they are in an environment where they can thrive and achieve their career dreams and goals.”
-Nnenna, Beauty Accessories & Far East Merchandiser-


The LGBTIQ+ Network aims to provide a network for our colleagues, whether they are part of the LGBTIQ+ community or the allies that stand alongside us. We want colleagues across our network to know that they can be the real them at work and we are committed to supporting them, either by signposting help available internally - through the network and the people they can talk to, as well as the support available externally. We all have our part to play in helping make our business a more inclusive place to work and shop!

“When I first joined Superdrug in 2005, I was still adjusting to the realisation that I was not like most people. My little part-time job with Superdrug- my colleagues and the work environment - gave me the freedom and confidence to be myself without judgement or fear of ridicule. That is the reason I wanted to get involved with the LGBTIQ+ Network. I often think about what it would have meant for me, to have a network focused on educating, supporting and celebrating people like me. I want our current employees to feel safe, heard and respected at work - whether they identify as gay, lesbian, trans, or an ally etc. Everyone should have their voice heard.”
-Dave, Store Manager-

Access All Areas

Making opportunities accessible for everyone. Recognising that talent is everywhere but that opportunity isn’t.Accessible health and beauty apply just as much to our people as it does our products and services. Through apprenticeships and our development programmes we know that once we get people in, they can get on.

Our network is focused on creating fantastic opportunities for everyone and removing barriers to securing careers with us. That’s why this year, we’ve signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge, so we can continue to develop great opportunities and partnerships to find talented people and help them overcome the hurdles that stop them from reaching their full potential.

“When I began in retail, I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a fantastic line manager who invested time in me. They showed me there would be a great career if I wanted it and that, with my application and some of their experience, I could be successful. They didn’t need to invest themselves in me, but I’m grateful that they did. When I became a Store Manager, I tried to replicate this investment with my teams – my mission was to give over my time to help those colleagues help themselves.I’m passionate about our network because I want to be part of something bigger and to see other like-minded individuals on board - from all parts of the business - is a real thrill.”
-Brian, Senior Inventory Manager-


Our people are at the heart of what we do and by taking care of our teams, we take care of the business. The physical, mental and financial wellbeing of our teams is important to us. We are committed to do everything we can to support our people, providing all the resources and information they may need. We actively work with our healthcare team to pull on their expertise, such as Superdrug nurses attending employee conferences to offer blood pressure and stress advice.

“I am not very good expressing how I feel I tend to bottle things up. Since I’ve been part of the Wellbeing Network, I feel like I can talk, it’s like having a group of close friends who you can talk to. I’ve never really spoke about my past with anorexia or my mum with Alzheimer’s in depth but within the Network I found it easy, and everyone been so lovely and helpful. All the people in this Network are amazing.”
-Karen, Fragrance Adviser-

Make Work Work

It’s important to us that we make work work for our employees as well as the business. We want to create a community online to provide support for employees looking for flexibility at work because we recognise that all our employees have things that are important to them outside of work, be that social or family. We know that 1 in 7 people juggle work and care and we want to make sure we provide resources and support to our carers and line managers and are working with Carers UK to provide this.
We already offer flexible working to many women and men. We are working with Timewise, to support us to look at our job design and how we can offer more flexibility through our store management and field-based roles.

“My interest in Make Work Work started from being a working parent. There is a huge impact on our society of working long hours and not having time outside of work. People need to have the time to have hobbies, exercise, sleep or whatever keeps them healthy in both body and mind. In my experience working parents and working carers are incredibly dedicated, hardworking, and above all efficient- they have so much to fit into their day. I hope that through Make Work Work we can help people find time for their family, friends, hobbies, and mental health; whilst doing a kick-ass job at work too.”
-Caris, Head of Healthcare Services-

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