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Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

When you think of a cleanser, you might think of a product which is tough on dirt which cuts through oil and makeup, however for sensitive skin types, you want something a little more gentle at removing grime which will be less harsh but still just as powerful. Cleansers for sensitive skin are developed for just that reason.

Created using ingredients that are calming on your skin, these gentle cleansers softly wash away the days dirt and reveal beautiful skin without any aggravation or inflammation.
An exfoliating face scrub would particularly annoy sensitive skin with rough exfoliating particles. However, all our specially selected face washes for sensitive skin are mildly formulated to clean without stripping skin of natural oils or causing agitation, with natural skin loving ingredients. Look out for packaging that states hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested – this means the product is less likely to cause an allergic reaction and it has been professionally tested and examined as to how skin reacts to the product. It’s also wise to try and spot cleansers that have all-natural ingredients that don’t contain any artificial colours, perfumes or parabens as these too will only upset your skin.
Say goodbye to the days of redness and dry irritated skin and hello to calm skin!

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