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There are five products in the new lights by TENA range.

  • Designed for:

    This is the smallest product in the range, and the first micro-mini product of its kind. Designed for women who wear regular panty liners, it's no thicker than a nail file, but it's extremely good at what it does. In fact, it absorbs three times faster than a regular liner, leaving you four times drier.

  • Designed for:

    Designed for women who prefer a slightly longer liner. It's shaped to fit your body, and even though it's only 3mm thick, it absorbs faster than regular liners, to keep you twice as dry.

  • Designed for:

    Specifically designed for women who prefer the reassurance of a longer liner. The same thickness as the liner but slightly longer, making it the longest liner in the range yet still very discreet, comfortable and fast absorbing.

  • Benefits:

    The smallest product in the range

  • Benefits:

    For women who prefer a slightly longer liner

  • Benefits:

    The longest product in the range.

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    1 out of 4
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    2 out of 4
  • Absorption:

    3 out of 4

Find out what other women think.

You'd be surprised by the number of women who know what it's like when a bit of wee comes out unexpectedly.

After all, it doesn't take much to make it happen. Laughing, coughing, sneezing. Playing sport or doing exercise. Pregnancy and giving birth.

You're not the first to experience this, and you won't be the last. It's not uncommon, millions of women experience it, 62% in fact. And it's not an age thing either.

So with stats like these it's time to take action! Light bladder weakness won't prevent you from living your life to the full; it's just a matter of confidence.

1 in 2 women experience light bladder weakness.

> VIEW THE RANGEThe lights by TENA range has been specially designed for little leaks so they absorb faster than regular liners - unlike other sanitary protection which, as you may imagine, are designed for a completely different type of liquid.

Gaynor - "They are thin and discreet and I don't feel like I'm wearing them."

Jill - "I'm now in control, it doesn't control me and I've got my life back."

Ruth - "Using lights by TENA changes my day to day life because it makes me feel a lot more confident and comfortable."

oooops moments: myths and misunderstandings

There's a lot of confusion about bladder weakness. And millions of women think they're the only one in the world who experience it. That's just one of many misunderstandings out there.

"I'll never go out again"

You can't put your life on hold because you're prone to occasional little leaks. We understand that the situation can cause both embarrassment and anxiety (especially when it first starts happening), but you're not alone and you'll soon discover that it doesn't need to slow you down. That's why we developed the lights by TENA range, offering a number of different absorbencies, shapes and sizes, with discreet packaging, to ensure that you're always prepared.

"My sex life will be affected"

It's incredibly rare to experience any kind of loss of bladder control during sex. And, more importantly, if you do those all-important pelvic floor exercises to help control and combat bladder weakness (it's the same muscles being exercised) you could well find that sex gets better as your muscles get stronger.

"I'll just have to go on a no-liquids diet"

It's really important that you don't make the mistake of drinking less. Our bodies need fluids or we'll get dehydrated. And, drinking less fluid will make your urine more concentrated, which will irritate your bladder - and make you want to go to the toilet more often. So do continue to drink your usual amount

"Pelvic Floor Exercises don't work"

They do if you do them right. For a lot of women, strengthening their pelvic floor muscles put a full stop to their bladder weakness. You've just got to do the right exercises - and keep doing them regularly - to feel the benefit. We recommend exercising for three to six months to see the benefit. To strengthen your pelvic floor, just squeeze the muscles you would use if you were to stop yourself mid-wee, 10 times in a row, 6 times a day. The great thing is, you can do this any time, anywhere, sitting down or standing up. No one will even know you're doing it. If you're still confused, watch our video. That'll show you what to do! Happy squeezing!

The new lights by TENA pelvic floor app

Want to improve you pelvic floor tone? Reduce light bladder weakness, improve your general health and wellbeing . . . not to mention your sex life?

Then our app 'my pff' - my pelvic floor fitness - is for you

Visit the lights by TENA website to dowload the app now.

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