Young women holding a period tracker callendar

Time of the month… Code Red… Chum… whatever you call it, females everywhere will be very accustomed to dealing with their period from their teenage years. Many of you may already keep track of its arrival so you’re not caught unaware (oh gawdd… the horror!) but there are several other reasons why keeping track of your menstrual cycle is a good… no, a great idea! Ladies be prepared to be so in tune with your body!

Young women holding a period tracker callendar

First, Understand Your Cycle

One of the most obvious reason ladies track their period is so they can understand their average cycle length. The average woman’s cycle lasts for 28 days; however, this is just the national average. Yours maybe longer or it maybe shorter! The only way to find out is to start tracking it.

Either using a calendar or a period tracking app, start by making a note on the first day of your period and keep a note until you stop. Do the same the next time you come on. The length of your cycle can be calculated by counting from day 1 of your 1st recorded period until day 1 of your 2nd recorded period.

What Else Can Tracking My Period Tell Me?

You can work out when you’re most fertile

For many, a missed period instantly means pregnancy - which in itself is a great reason to know when you are supposed to be coming on. However, women who are trying to get pregnant can use their period tracking to work out when they are most fertile.

It is possible to get pregnant in the days leading up to and after ovulation; this is known as your ‘fertility window’. The average fertility window lasts around 6 days (the 5 days before ovulation and the 24 hours afterwards) with the 2 days before, being the time when you are most likely to conceive.

You can better understand your moods

When your period is due, you may not feel like yourself. The smallest of situations can send you into an unexplained frenzy of tantrums!  I mean, is it really too much too not breath so loudly or to not put the toilet seat down?! We jest, of course, but a change in your mood can be a clear indication you’re about to get your monthly visitor. When you’re tracking you periods, don’t just write down that you were on, make a note of your mood as well so you can be well equipped in the future for upcoming adjustments in how you're feeling (or you know, so you can forewarn your partner or housemates!)

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It can increase your awareness of your health

Your period is your body’s way of telling you that everything is in working order. There are several reasons as to why your periods may become irregular such as adopting a new exercise regime, losing or gaining lots of weight and experiencing overwhelming stress. However, it may also be down to an underlying health issue. By tracking changes in your period, you will have all the information you need if you need to visit your GP.

Manage your body’s other reactions

If you’ve spent days wanting to eat absolutely everything in sight, girl don’t worry! You’re really not alone! Our menstrual cycle can dictate several factors of our everyday lives to the food we crave to how tired we feel. So, as well as writing notes on your mood, include a little something on how tired you are, if you’re in any pain or if you’re feeling particularly hungry or different that day. If you know you’re going to be really snacky on day one of your period, you can ensure you have (somewhat healthy) snacks available!

See ladies, there are far more reasons than just not getting a surprise to keep track of your periods! Give it a go and see how it changes how you feel about your menstrual cycle. In the meantime, don’t forget to stock up at Superdrug on all things feminine hygiene so you never get caught short again!