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What’s the Difference Between Face Coverings and Face Masks? – Superdrug
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What’s the Difference Between Face Coverings and Face Masks?

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Wearing a face mask or face covering has become a part of our ‘normal’ every day. Whether you’re travelling on public transport, visiting a shop, or spending time in a communal area, the majority of us are now getting used to wearing them day to day but how do you know which one to choose? Disposable and re-usable face coverings are now readily available, and we’re here to help you decide which is best for you.

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Which Mask Should I Choose?

There are 2 main differences between face masks and face coverings. The first is the number of times they can be worn; face masks are disposable and should be worn only once and a face covering can typically be worn multiple times.

With disposable face masks, there is no set time for how long you can wear it but if the mask gets dirty, wet or damaged, or if you touch the inside of the mask then you should change it to a new one.

A face covering is a general term that may include a scarf, bandana or fabric covering. This type of covering helps prevent the spread of coronavirus but offers little protection from infection. Surgical face masks, such as the ones sold at Superdrug, do offer some degree of protection as well as preventing the spread.

You will see the ones available at Superdrug are offered in 2 standards. Type I offers a lower level of protection against COVID-19, whereas Type II offers a higher degree of protection. You can read more about the two types on our disposable face mask page

At Superdrug, you’ll find a variety of different reusable face coverings to wear which cover both your mouth and nose.

You should be washing your reusable face mask after each day of use, so we advise stocking up with a few masks so you can alternate them and ensure they are regularly washed. Face masks are suitable for machine or hand washing and should be completely dry before wearing it again.

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So, the main things to think about when deciding which mask is for you is to determine how often you will be using it, do you have the time and means to wash one every day, and also which design and style do you like best. After all, you will be wearing one every time you head outside! 

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