Before we get into the nitty gritty of just why you should be adding astaxanthin into your life, let’s nail the pronunciation first. All together now… ‘asta-ZAN-thin’.  Excellent... now let's find out about the super strength antioxidant!

The antioxidant powerhouse 

Astaxanthin is one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants. It is a naturally occurring coloured pigment, that supports good health, which can be found in a number of different algae and fish.  It's a brilliant, bright red in colour and it is what gives salmon, lobster and shrimp their pink flesh (some useful dinner convo info for you there!) It can be found in its highest concentration in the muscles of salmon, and research suggests it contributes to the endurance levels required by the fish to swim upstream.

For humans, it’s an incredibly powerful antioxidant with broad health and beauty benefits. Here are 4 ways you can benefit from taking astaxanthin:

1. Get gorgeous, glowing skin

If you’re counting down the days until you board a plane to sunnier shores (or you’re just patiently waiting for the sun to reinstate summer again in the UK), then add ‘top up astaxanthin levels’ to your summer to-do list.  The powerful antioxidant can help our skin recover from over exposure to the sun, while also helping to fight against premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and loss of moisture.

While being safe in the sun is a top priority, there’s no denying most of us love to achieve a golden glow in the summertime.  For a luminous glow that’ll give the Love Islanders a run for their money UTAN Tan Gummies, which contain astaxanthin, work to protect the skin and accelerate your tan too!

2. Help relieve pain and inflammation

As a potent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, astaxanthin is your best friend when it comes to needing something to help block pain. Plus, the wonder ingredient can also help reduce inflammatory compounds that drive many chronic diseases.

Shot of mature women stretching with a young female instructor during a training class at the gym

3. Recover quicker after you’ve hit the gym

If you are a keen gyn-bunny and find it hard to recover after a sweaty sesh, then astaxanthin may help speed up your recovery. Just like when salmon make their strenuous swim upstream, astaxanthin can help athletes do their best by aiding muscle recovery, enhancing their endurance and strength levels, as well boosting energy levels.

4. Support your eyes health

You can safely support your eyes health from problems such as eye fatigue, soreness, dry-eye and irritation with a dose of astaxanthin. It works by reducing the number of free radicals which can easily get into your eyes, as well as reducing any inflammation if you have it.

Salmon fish on the cutting board

Where can I find astaxanthin?

If you’re a fan of seafood, then you’ll be pleased to know salmon is your best way to top of up on the naturally soured antioxidant! In the animal kingdom, it is found in its highest concentration in sockeye salmon – with wild-caught salmon providing lots more health benefits than their farm-raised counterparts. Other sources, but with a lower concentration, include red trout, shrimp, crab and lobster.

If you are a non-fish eater, then astaxanthin is as a supplement too.