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The Unexpected Benefits We’ve Experienced in Lockdown – Superdrug
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The Unexpected Benefits We’ve Experienced in Lockdown

Two ladies talking to eachother through a window with a rainbow painted on it

The current crisis isn’t an easy time for anyone right now, not least our heroes in the NHS fighting to keep us all safe at the moment. But as the weeks in lockdown turn into months, there are positives we can draw from the experience as we adapt to this enforced down time and take life at a slower pace. Plus, many of these changes in behaviour we’ve adopted can possibly enhance our lives once things (eventually) go back to normal. Here are some positives that we can take from our experience over the last few weeks. 

Two ladies talking to eachother through a window with a rainbow painted on it

1. Time Indoors Can Be Beneficial

Caught up in the 9-5 grind, it can be tricky to take life at a slower pace when you’re jumping out of bed to catch your train to work or heading to your 7am spin class. Now most of us are working from home, it gives us a chance to slow down in the mornings, to get ready at a leisurely pace and get into the right mind-set to start the day. Daily walks in the park can give us a sense of calm we didn’t know we needed. And our lack of evening plans (without the pressure of ‘FOMO’ looming over us) gives us a chance to wind down after work and savour some much-needed down time.

2. We’re Appreciating Family & Friends More

Some of us are living alone in lockdown, or just can’t see all of their nearest and dearest. While this has been undoubtedly tough, it’s made many of us make an effort to get in touch and check in with everyone, without the distractions of the office, travel or a busy social calendar. Not knowing when we’ll next see everyone has definitely made us more appreciative of the people in our lives – which will hopefully carry over once we eventually come out of lockdown!

3. They're More Opportunities to Keep Fit

With our government mandated daily exercise and a now-empty social calendar, people have been making the most of getting on top of their fitness. Local parks have become home to keen joggers, while online workouts such as ‘PE With Joe’ and personal trainers have been utilising Instagram Live to provide daily exercise classes we can take part in from home.

4. Some People Have Learnt New Skills

Being indoors the majority of the day has led some of us to take up new hobbies. Whether it’s a renewed interest in baking (you just have to look at Instagram to see how many keen amateur bakers there now are), reading the book you’d always meant to pick up, mastering the splits, or learning a new language on apps like Duolingo there are plenty of ways to pass the time while you’re normal life is on pause.

5. Helping Others Has Never Been More Important

Amid all the negative news stories, there are so many positive video clips featuring neighbours hosting ‘street bingo’ and people dancing together in their driveways, while volunteer schemes have allowed people to get more involved with their local communities.

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