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How to avoid summer health traps – Superdrug
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How to avoid summer health traps

festival checklist

Summer is fun. Summer is great. It’s the most wonderful time of the year because it’s full of music, good food, and great friends. The problem is, Summer is just sooo good that most of us end up forget to be careful and end up falling into classic summer health traps year after year. Whoops. Luckily for you, we’ve created a handy guide to keep you as healthy as possible all summer long.

festival checklist


Festivals are hands down the best bit of summer. Is there anything better than rolling around in glitter, getting your best outfit on, beating an assault course of mud, watching all your fave bands, and eating the most amazing food imaginable? All with your mates?! We didn’t think so.

As great as festivals are, they’re a breeding ground for health problems...


Spending days on end in mosh pits and running around campsites is both super fun and a direct assault on your poor feet. So what if the only pair of glittery wellies left are a size too big? They look good, right? Wrong! Well, they do look good, but it’s important your footwear is the correct size to prevent rubbing and those blasted blisters. Oh, and don’t forget socks! Opt for glittery ones to make them more festival appropriate, just don’t forget them.

If your feet start screaming by day 2, it’s time to pop some blister patches on and say sorry. Oh FYI, if you start your weekend with blister patches (or even plasters) on, you won’t develop blisters in the first place. Smart, right?

If you think your blister is infected (full of pus, hot to the touch etc), keeps coming back, or is abnormally painful – you should seek medical advice.

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If you’re over 18, then having a drink or two at a festival whilst watching your favourite band is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Unfortunately, the atmosphere of festivals can make it easy to lose track of your alcohol intake, and too much alcohol + sun doesn’t end well. To avoid being horrendously hungover in the middle of nowhere, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking water frequently and know your limits.

Sexual health

Festivals are a great way to make new friends. It’s hard not to when you’re dealing with muddy campsites, torrential rain, and those…character building toilets. Whilst you can make friends for life, you could also meet potential love interests (*wink*). If you do end up hooking up with anyone, make sure you are protected and use condoms. They are the only contraception that reduce the risk of pregnancy and the risk of contracting STIs/STDs, so don’t forget them!

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Pool side

Whether you’re channeling your inner Michael Phelps or posing on a flamingo float for the grid, hitting the pool is a summer essential. While we like to imagine pools as the ultimate level of glamour (cocktails by the pool, anyone?), they can cause some health problems.

The most annoying? Verrucas. If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have one, you know how painful they can be. Contrary to popular belief, though, they aren’t dangerous. If you get any, simply treat the infection with specially designed products and they’ll be gone within 2 months.

Fun in the sun

Okay so maybe Britain doesn’t have the hottest summers ever. Because of this, some of us (all of us) might get a bit too excited and run out of the house at the slightest sign of sunshine. In between our countless picnics, it’s important we keep our sun cream topped up. Yep, applying once before you leave the house just won’t cut it, especially if you don’t use the correct sun cream. Opt for a sun cream that is suited to your needs (e.g. waterproof if you’re gonna hit the pool).

It’s recommended we use sun creams with an SPF factor of at least 30, and make sure you apply it correctly – each sun cream will come with its own set of instructions so make sure you follow them.

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Hay fever 

When summer rolls round, take a moment to reflect on those poor souls who suffer from hay fever. We have to give them credit though, while their body is physically rejecting the grass, they’ll troop on and set up camp at their nearest common with a pitcher. That’s dedication. How do they do it? Well, they remember to take their allergy tablets and so they’re good to go.

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