Summer feet treatments

Sandal season has arrived – this is not a drill! It’s time to kick aside those boots you’ve been living in and look hot to trot in a pair of strappy flats, embellished espadrilles or gorgeous heels.

But, if your feet are not quite ready for the big reveal, fear not. We have sought out the best products that will help you feel fabulous from the ground up, ahead of the annual holiday escape. Get set to reach pedicure-perfect status without having to leave the house with these summer feet treatments catered for a host of concerns.

Summer feet treatments

The Foot Concern: Dry Skin

A process familiar with fake tan enthusiasts, exfoliating helps get rid of dry skin. While your standard body exfoliator can help smooth skin from top to toe, there are a handful of targeted feet treatments that will help produce unparalleled softness.

Cue Footner’s exfoliating socks. This hard-working product boasts results with every use. Simply slip into the disposable socks, put your feet up for an hour and remove. Over the course of the next week all the hardened skin on your feet will begin to peel helping to leave behind super soft feet with the strut factor. However, the process can take up to 14 days for feet to stop peeling so make sure you do this at least two weeks before your holiday!

If you’re looking for products you can use pre-holiday and beyond then opting for a nourishing foot scrub, pumice stone and buffing brush will help soften the skin with every use.

The Foot Concern: Cracked Heel

Unsightly cracked heels are caused by the skin drying out, becoming callus and then ultimately splitting. What a pretty picture. This foot concern can also worsen when your trusty flip-flops and open-back sandals make an appearance as the lack of support puts extra pressure on dry skin.

Summer feet treatments 2

Whether you’ve noticed a dry patch and want to help prevent a cracked heel situation or already have heels with more cracks than the Sahara desert, targeted moisturising creams are the beauty buster you need. A weekly process of exfoliating, buffing (with a pumice stone) and moisturising will help minimise the cracked appearance until the dry skin softens completely.

The Foot Concern: Calluses

Calluses are created in places that experience repeated friction – as any avid musician will know. So it’s not uncommon to develop calluses on the feet, especially if you live in stilettos.

Using targeted treatments for calluses, from lotions to removers, will help ease the appearance and remove the rough callus area over time. As calluses are as uncomfortable as they are unattractive, between treatments invest in cushioned pads to ease the discomfort on-the-go.

If you are diabetic always consult with a pharmacist or GP before using products on your feet.