Someone watching Netflix at home

There’s no denying it, it’s been a very strange week for many people around the world. The Coronavirus outbreak has thrown our daily routines out the widow with a large majority of us now working from home, practising social distancing or are in self-isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

In light of this, we asked our fabulous Superdrug team to share their tips on how they’re keeping their spirits up, spending time with friends and family (without leaving their home) and their suggestions on how they're planning to keep themselves happy and occupied.

We hope there are a few ideas here that you can take on board, as we’re all in this together!

Keep on Movin’

Just because you can’t physically hit the gym, it doesn’t mean your exercise routine needs to take a back seat during the pandemic! Here’s some of our ideas on how to buss’ a sweat while staying at home.

Virtual Fitness

“My colleagues and I have set up a lunchtime ‘virtual’ fitness club. We do a home workout together at 12pm every day and it really perks you up and helps get you motivated for the afternoon.”

Visit your gym online

“My gym has been streaming online classes, instead of encouraging us to come in – which has been great! There’s also loads of free tutorials on YouTube as well.”

Keep your steps up

“My team and I are running a competition on who can take the most steps throughout the week - it encourages us to get up from our desks/dining tables/ sofas and to shake our legs out during the day.”


“I will be trying to take up Yoga each lunch time to keep calm and get exercise.”

Female staying actve while at home
female practising yoga while at home

Stay in Touch & Engage with Your Colleagues

Working from home may be a completely new experience for many. There are a lot of things to get used to such as working in your new environment, ensuring you stick to a routine and of course, seeing your colleagues in their homes on video calls! If you’re struggling to keep morale high in your team or your motivation is low, give some of these ideas ago.

If I were on a desert island... 

“Our team are doing ‘desert island disks’, where we each choose music, a book and a luxury item that we would take to a desert island with us and discussing it in our catch ups. It gives us something to talk about other than work and the virus!”

What you eating there?

“Rate people’s lunches! We always take an interest in what people are eating in the office, so keep that up on home by putting it in your group chat and taking photos - it could be daily or weekly!”

Incoming video call! 

“We’re really making the most of video calls! It may be weird at first to see your manager in a hoody sat in their living room (lol) but that face to face interaction is really important - especially if you’re home alone!”

Dress to impress (or at least be presentable!)

“Although it’s the dream to be in pjs 24/7, I’m pushing myself to get changed out of them every morning. It helps me feel ready for the day… plus saves some embarrassment when your camera comes on at the start of a conference call!”

Women on a home conference call
woman eatig lunch at her desk

Virtual Socialising

We may have been advised to stay away from pubs, cinemas and theatres and festivals may have been cancelled this summer – but that won’t stop us from making virtual plans with our buddies!

Netflix and isolate? 

“My friends and I have decided to have a joint Netflix movie night which I’m really looking forward to! Rather than the plans we had before we are just replacing these for virtual events and taking turns organising things”

Synchronised lunch dates

"I was supposed to be meeting my friends for a birthday lunch. Instead we are going to make our lunches at the same time at home, crack open a drink each and enjoy our company on video chat... at least that way they can't judge my cooking!"

Someone watching Netflix at home
A young man eating lunch while on his phone

Try Something New

Be creative

“I’ve found myself drawing again, filling little breaks with doodles. My advice during a time of so much uncertainty would be to pick up a hobby you once loved/still love, and dive back into it. Pick up something that will help to keep your mind active, that is the key.”

Cool cursive.. 

“After years of putting it off due to ‘not having enough time’, I now have no excuse not to learn calligraphy in my evenings.”