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Slenderplan’s 3-Step Programme To a Healthier You – Superdrug
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Slenderplan’s 3-Step Programme To a Healthier You

Slenderplan 3-step programme

Slenderplan by Superdrug is an easy way to manage your weight in three simple steps. Rather than scanning ingredients lists and cooking elaborate low-fat meals, Slenderplan offers shakes, soups and easy-to-follow recipes as part of their results-driven regime. Think of Slenderplan as your weight management coach, to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle!*

Slenderplan by Superdrug snacking

How Does Slenderplan Work?

Split into an easy to follow 3-step programme Slenderplan can work around your lifestyle:

Daily Steps:

Step A: Choose one meal of 600 calories for women or 800 calories for men, per day. You can download lots of easy, tasty recipes online here. From spaghetti Bolognese to Mexican bean stew, there are plenty of recipes to suit every set of taste buds.

Step B: Choose two Slenderplan meal replacements, which can range from filling shakes with flavours like Strawberry Swirl and Caramel Cream (that contain no added sugar and are a great source of fibre) to hearty soups like Creamy Tomato and Creamy Chicken. Plus, there are handy meal replacement bars for when you’re out and about.

Step C: Choose up to three snacks a day that combined, make 300 calories (see recipe guide for details). Healthy snacks can range from a handful of fruit to a few squares of dark chocolate, as well as Slenderplan’s tasty snack range.

In addition to the above steps, ensure you drink two litres of water a day to stay hydrated and energised. Additionally, make sure to exercise regularly (such as 30 minutes of cardio or brisk walking a day) to burn energy and help keep your metabolism healthy.

Slenderplan 3-step programme

How to Snack in a Healthy Way

Snacking is a part of the Slenderplan programme as we understand that those 3 pm hunger pangs are hard to ignore! If you feel like you’re always browsing the fridge for something to snack on between meals, there are ways you can adjust your snacking habits.

Instead of refraining from snacking at all, try keeping a closer eye on the foods you’re eating. If you are eating processed foods and refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, chocolate, and pastries, this can cause your blood sugar levels to rise and crash very quickly, leaving you feeling drained, irritable, and hungry again!

Instead of reaching for the cakes or biscuits when you’re flagging, try something rich in protein instead, like a slice of apple spread with peanut butter. It will help maintain your energy levels for longer, without the sudden dip.

Slenderplan Snacks

As well as stocking up on snacks which are rich in protein and low in sugar, Slenderplan also have a selection of delicious snacks to help you curb those cravings!

The Chocolate and Lemon Fibre Brownie snacks are a great source of fibre which helps you feel fuller for longer. They’re also under 90 calories each, making them the ideal tasty treat to enjoy as part of a healthy weight management programme.

Find out more about Slenderplan, the delicious range, and to download the 7-day meal plan by clicking the button below.

*Diet and fitness products should only be used as part of a healthy, balanced diet and active lifestyle

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