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Tried & Tested: Protein Powders – Superdrug
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Tried & Tested: Protein Powders

Display of three protein powders & shaker

When you invest in a whey protein powder, you’re committing to quite a lot of time to that supersize container. So, while it’s important to check out all the vital deets (nutritional content, ingredients, flavourings) to make sure it matches up with your diet and goals, it’s also equally important to consider taste.

But it might be a bit (ahem) frowned upon to whip up a tester smoothie in the protein powder aisle, so to help you out we’ve done the sampling for you. We took our top three bestselling vanilla protein powders, ditched the labels and blitzed up milk-based shakes. We called up a group of taste-testers - some were protein pros and others were self-confessed newbies - and got them to rank each one focusing on flavour and texture. And the results from the blind taste test are in…

Display of three protein powders & shaker

1. Some Body vanilla protein powder

Packed with vitamins B6, B12, C and protein, this powder scored the highest in both categories and got a resounding thumbs up from the blind taste testers.

Ranked the Best for Flavour

“I’m a bit of a protein newbie so for me it’s all about picking a powder that has a great flavour to it. This one ticked all the right boxes as it has a delicious vanilla flavouring but isn’t too thick or sweet. I tried it mixed with almond milk and cow’s milk and it made no difference really – they both tasted great! Out of the three this is the one I would buy.”

2. Protein World The Slender Blend Powder

Formulated to help aid weight loss, this protein powder features 100% natural flavourings so that it’s a healthy meal replacement source.

Ranked the Best for Sweetness:

“I have a sweet tooth, so for me this one is the winner hands down. I don’t like the thicker, gloopier protein powders or shakes – I’d buy something that I’d actually enjoy drinking. I would probably sprinkle this protein powder in my breakfast smoothie or in my porridge too.”

3. Strippd Whey Lean Protein Powder

A low sugar option, this protein powder is GMO and gluten-free. Our testers preferred to mix this powder with other flavours for added sweetness.

Ranked the Best to stay Fuller for Longer:

“I take protein every day after a gym workout so I want something that’s going to help me recover and keep me feeling full until I make my way back home. I’d go for this one as it had a thick consistency, like an ice cream milkshake, but it didn’t have as much of the sweetness. I can imagine that this protein powder would also taste better when blended with fruits too so it’s more a meal than a quick shake.”

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