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How to intensify your orgasm – Superdrug
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How to intensify your orgasm

Couple lying on a bed with legs in the air

Warning: Content suitable for people aged 16 and over only.

As with anything in life, there can always be room for improvement. So, even if you have succeeded in reaching that elusive climax between the sheets there are ways that you can intensify your orgasm. Yes, really. Transform the ‘O’ into ‘O.M.G’ with our hot and heavy tips from sex expert Alix Fox.  

Couple lying on a bed with legs in the air

Workout in more ways than one

Did you know that a strong pelvic floor muscle can be your free pass to orgasmic euphoria? Get in those kegal muscle exercises everyday to strengthen it up. And contrary to popular belief, this rule does not just apply to women. Men can contract the muscles too which can lead to greater control during sex.

Other forms of exercise can give you a boost in the bedroom too. For men, getting a pumped in the gym or going for a run can release more testosterone into the body. When this hormone is in the bloodstream before engaging in sexual activity it can help lead to a more intense climax. And for women, studies have shown that regular exercise can lead to greater sexual arousal.

Patience is a virtue

While reaching climax is usually the aim of the game, try and hold it off for as long as possible for a more intense finale (also known as ‘edging’). It’s a little easier said than done and may require some practice, but bringing yourself to an ‘almost’ orgasm and then stopping (and doing this on repeat for as long as you can) can lead to more satisfying finish.

Try 'ledging'

If you’ve mastered ‘edging’ then here’s a technique that goes one further. In ‘ledging’, you use a small unisex vibrator to tickle your hot spots until you’re almost in O Town, then take the toy off your body and pass it to your partner while you cool down, taking turns until you both melt. Why the name? Because you’ll both feel legendary!

This vibrator will work wonderfully on her clitoris, and can be held against his shaft, traced around the head of the penis or used to circle his nipples. Wrap it in a pair of silky panties to change up the sensations, or if direct vibration feels too full-on.

Get kitted out

Give your bedside drawer (you know the one, we don’t need to spell it out) a revamp by investing in some new add-ons. Experiment with different varieties of lube to bring introduce a different sensation – think warming, tingling and flavoured.

Focus on foreplay

Never underestimate the power of foreplay. If you’re guilty of skipping the warm-up before the main event, then take sex out of the equation and focus on everything but. This will lead to a more drawn out build-up of stimulation with a more intense payoff    

Tantric tips

You don’t need to be a sex-pert to trial tantric techniques. Instead try and work in a few small tweaks and changes, like your breathing method. Move with every stroke of breath and slow it right down so that it is following the motion of your thrusts.

Everything you need to know about orgasms

Need more advice on the magical and mysterious orgasm? Alix answers all your Qs about Os…

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