Welcome to the world Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have welcomed the arrival on their first-born baby!

Breaking away from the usual royal traditions, they opted to reveal little to no details about the pregnancy or the arrival of their new bubba! Surprising the waiting world with the announcement on Monday 6th May, the beaming parents make their first appearance with Archie 2 days later.

Pregnancy and the arrival of a child is such an intimate and special experience, especially for first-timers!  So, fair play to Meghan and Harry wanting to keep the precious first moments and pregnancy details to themselves!

We must admit, playing 'guess the arrival date, guess the gender and guess the name' made it a little more fun for the waiting public!


Photo credit: Chris Allerton ©️SussexRoyal

We’re just sat here hoping that there will be plenty of updates on their Insta page! Who knows, maybe Archie Harrison and his new parents could become big fans of Insta stories. Stranger things have happened!


As first-time parents, we hope that Megs and Harry have everything they need, but for all new parents or parents-to-be, we have compiled a handy shopping list of items you're going to need time and time again!

Must haves for any new parents

Baby wipes

No new mum or dad would step out of the house without a pack of baby wipes or be further than an arm’s reach of them at home.  The fragrance-free options from the My Little Star range are as soft as they come and gentle on your baby’s skin.

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New mum disposable breast pads

Absorb any excess milk and protect your clothing from wetness and stains with the My Little Star new mum disposable breast pads. You’ll need these for roughly the first 8 weeks of breastfeeding (each new mum will be different) so be sure to stock up.

Cotton wool pads

A great alternative to baby wipes, stock up on cotton wool that’s gentle enough to use from top to toe on your baby. We’re certain this generous pack from My Little Star would get the royal seal of approval for its softness and strength!

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Nappy sacks

An absolute necessity for any parents for any right royal messes left by your little one! Dispose of nappies safely and hygienically with these strong, lightly fragranced nappy sacks.

Pure Petroleum Jelly

A happy baby = happy mum and dad! So, keep the smile on your little one’s face by soothing your baby’s behind and preventing nappy rash with the My Little Star petroleum jelly. It’s soft texture makes it easy to apply and the pot is the perfect size for popping in your changing bag.

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Cotton buds

Gentle clean smaller areas of your little prince or princess such as between their toes, fingers and around their ears, with the My Little Star cotton wool buds. They’re also perfect for applying creams to blemishes but remember never to use inside the ear or nose.

Congratulations again, to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the arrival of Archie Harrison and to any new parents or parents-to-be!