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How to Create a Spa Day For Mum at Home – Superdrug
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How to Create a Spa Day For Mum at Home

Mumand daughter enjoying an at-home beauty spa day

Mums are amazing, aren’t they? They’re the ones you can count on, no matter whether you’re happy or sad! They pick you up when you’re down and tell anyone who will listen when you achieve something fab! 


So, this Mother’s Day show your mum, or another fantastic female role model in your life, that their kindness never goes unnoticed by treating them to a unique at-home spa experience! 


At Superdrug, you’ll discover everything you need to create a chilled out, zen-like experience from the comfort of your living room! Dressing gowns and slippers at the ready… 


Collage of Mother's Day images with a mother and daughter

Set the Scene

When you walk into a spa, a feeling of calm immediately washes over you, and that feeling is like no other! Turn your mum’s home into a chilled-out haven this Mother’s Day for a real authentic spa-like treat by lighting her favourite candles, filling the air with a relaxing aroma, and creating a playlist of her favourite, or calming tunes. 

thisworks thisworks Love Sleep Seduction Candle 220g £35.00 Buy Now
Habitual Superdrug Habitual Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil 10ml £4.99 Buy Now

Treatment 1: Facials

Is it even a spa trip if you don’t indulge in a facial? We don’t think so! Pamper your mum with an intensely hydrating face mask or put your feet up together while enjoying a sheet mask, such as the Me+ Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask. Once the face masks are off, finish off the treatment with an array of skincare products to leave her with a fresh, radiant complexion. 

Me+ Me+ Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask £2.99 Buy Now
Hada Labo Hada Labo Tokyo Anti Ageing Super Hydrator 150ml £11.59 Buy Now
Olay Olay Glow Regenerist Light Moisturiser With SPF30, 50ml £34.99 Buy Now
Collage of Mother's Day assets with image s of a mum and daughter doing different activities

Treatment 2: Mani/ Pedi

Next up, is a mani/ pedi -  a spa day must-have! Start by kicking off your slippers in favour of a Superdrug Honey and Almond Nourishing Foot Mask. Packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients, the sock shaped foot mask immediately gets to work to leave your feet feeling smooth, soothed, and oh-so refreshed. Does your mum love the relaxing effects of lavender? If so, envelop her senses with the CBDFX Hemp and Lavender Foot Mask to give her feet a well-needed detox! 


While your feet are enjoying some TLC, help your mum tidy up her nails with an at-home manicure set. Push back those cuticles, shape her nails and add a coat or two of her favourite Essie nail colour. 

Superdrug Superdrug Honey and Almond Nourishing Foot Mask & Foot Socks £1.99 Buy Now
Essie essie Gifting You Are The Best Nail Polish Duo Kit £12.99 Buy Now

Treatment 3: Hair Mask

A superwoman deserves the full package, so next move on to treating her tresses with a reviving hair mask. The Double Hair Mask by The Hair Boss (a brand exclusive to Superdrug) strengthens, moisturises, and rehydrates hair in just one treatment when applied to wet locks and left to work its magic for 15 minutes. 


Why not rustle up a little afternoon tea or enjoy a tipple or two of her favourite drink while you’re waiting? 

The Hair Boss The Hair Boss The Double Mask 2 x 150ml £19.99 Buy Now

All in One Spa Moment

If you can’t bring the full spa-day experience to your mum this year, why not gift her all the essentials she needs for a pamper session in her own time? Sanctuary Spa has packaged up a cute combination of skin-loving products in their Your Mini Moment gift set. The set includes a body wash, body scrub, and body butter so she can pamper herself from head to toe while enjoying the sensual aroma of oriental & floral notes Sanctuary Spa are well-known for! 

Sanctuary Spa Sanctuary Spa Your Mini Moment £10.00 Buy Now

This Mother's Day, say 'thanks mum' with a thoughtful gift or gesture with a little help from Superdrug. Explore our diverse range of gifting options, including skincare, fragrance, pampering kits, makeup and so much more.

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