With the new year on its way, many of us will be planning to make decisions (big and small) that we hope will lead us in better directions. But it’s a lot easier to think about those decisions than to make them. So we asked mindfulness expert Clare Dimond to share her top tips on decision making. We hope they’ll help you see that the changes you want to make are a lot more achievable than you think.

1. Go with your gut

Clare makes the bold claim that there’s no such thing as a difficult decision. She explains that deep down we always know what to do – the key is stop second-guessing the future and listen to our guts.

2. You have control

Clare says there’s no such thing as a bad decision. Now this is surely music to your ears! If you find you’re unhappy about a decision you’ve made, it’s simply life giving you a second chance to make the right choice. You always have the power to change your circumstances.

3. Don’t just say it… DO IT!

This is the big one. We could think about our decisions forever, but unless we act on them, we’re not actually deciding anything. Clare explains that our insecure thinking is what stops us acting on what we know we want to do. But if you feel it’s right, you shouldn’t let anything stop you. You need to go for it.