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You’ve probably heard about DNA tests, but what might be news is the amount of information you can get from today’s market-leading tests. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot.)

At Superdrug, we’re super proud to have gotten our hands on the world’s most comprehensive DNA test - CircleDNA! It covers 500 reports in 20 categories, including Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, Disease Risk, Cancer Risk, Family Planning, Drug Response, and of course, Ancestry.

500 reports is a big number – four times what most of the competition offers in fact. So, what makes Circle so good? And more importantly, can you trust it?

Circle DNA testing

How Does a CircleDNA Test Work?

The premise of a DNA test is that everyone walking around this planet is an individual (besides twins!), and those differences are accounted for by our DNA. It concerns how we look and behave, and how our inner workings function. DNA can explain why some people can stay lean eating burgers, while others have to be more careful. It can also explain why some smokers live to 100 years old, while others catch cancer.

Your DNA will explain your predisposition to certain things, preferences, etc., but also consider this: your DNA is the starting point, but your lifestyle determines a lot of the outcome. This is where the power of a DNA test comes in. It will shine light on areas of your lifestyle that you might need to work on, so you can avoid diseases and illnesses as best as possible.

The process of doing a DNA test is really simple. A few cheek swabs and you send your DNA off in the post. 18 days later, you get your results.

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What Makes CircleDNA The Most Advanced DNA Test?

In a strand of DNA, the exome is where the action happens. If you have a risk of a certain disease, you will most likely find it in the exome.

CircleDNA looks at the whole exome, hence why it’s very accurate in identifying health risks. Many of Circle’s competitors analyse way less DNA – 50 times less in fact! This makes those tests less accurate.

Another part of the CircleDNA service is the Health and Genetic Consultations. Once you have your results, these consultations are in place to help you understand what lifestyle change you can make, especially when it comes to diet and exercise.

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Inside The App

All your CircleDNA results live in the app...and it’s super easy to use! Simply scroll to the area of interest, and click for more details and explanations of how to action change in your life. For example, what fish is best to eat if you have a raised need for omega-3? Do you need a moisturiser with higher SPF if you have a high risk of skin photoaging?

Cicle DNA testing

We also provide our customers with user-friendly access to all scientific sources used to develop each test. This includes primary literature, ensuring full transparency to customers. Furthermore, a confidence score, ranging from 1 to 5, provides customers with our evaluation of the scientific weight for each test. This enables you to weigh the impact of each test result against its scientific evidence.

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A Word on Privacy

Your genetic data is anonymised and securely stored using gold-standard security protocols and ISO27001 management systems. Samples are destroyed after analysis, and users may always request that their genetic data – which is used only to provide access to their reports – can be deleted from our servers at any time.

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