Close-up of a woman applying false eyelashes
Close-up of a woman applying false eyelashes

Removing false strip lashes

The glue used to apply strip lashes is generally quite gentle, making them fairly easy to remove, and you’ll be able to reuse them too. Here’s how…

  1. Soak a cotton pad in an oil-based eye makeup remover. Close your eye and place the pad over it, holding it there for about 10 seconds. This will help loosen the eyelash glue.

  2. The lash should then start lifting at both ends.

  3. Gently lift it off, starting from the outer corner of your eye and working inwards, using tweezers if you need to.

  4. Once the lash is removed, soak another cotton wool pad in eye makeup remover and wipe over your eyes to get rid of the rest of your eye make-up and any glue residue.

  5. If you’re careful removing the lashes, you’ll be able to reuse them multiple times. Store them back in the original box to keep them safe.
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Removing individual lashes

The glue used to apply individual lashes tends to be stronger than that used for strip lashes because individual lashes are designed to stay on longer, that also means they can’t be reused. Never pull out the individual lashes, as you’ll pull your real lashes out with them. Instead, use steam and an oil-based remover. Here’s how…


  1. Start by removing any mascara, eyeliner or other eye make-up you have on. While you’re doing that, boil the kettle and let it cool down – it needs to be hot enough to be steaming.

  2. Once the kettle is boiled and your eye makeup is off, put the steaming water into a bowl, then hold your face over it. You can put a towel over your head if you want to trap the steam. Stay there for about 10 minutes and let the steam work to loosen the glue.

  3. Once you’ve steamed your face, soak a cotton wool pad in an oil-based eye makeup remover (or you can use baby oil) and gently wipe in a downward direction over your eye until the false lashes start to fall out.

  4. Once they’re all out, rinse your face, including the lashes, with water to get rid of any oil residue.
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How to care for your natural lashes after wearing false lashes

You may think your natural lashes have been ruined because they’ll look thin and short, but it may simply be that you’ve been been so used to having the extensions you’ve forgotten how your lashes looked before.


Don’t neglect your natural lashes, though. Invest in an eyelash conditioner or an eyelash growth serum to make lashes stronger in between wearing individual lashes.