Easy Updo

Keen to incorporate something quick, stylish yet different into your daily look? Try this beautiful boho updo, perfect for thicker locks. Follow these steps to achieve the look in no time!

What Do I Need to Achieve This Look?

This hair style can work perfectly on freshly-washed hair, and also can be your new go-to look in-between washes. Here’s what you will need:

  • Hair bands
  • Hair pins
  • Hair spray
  • A spare few minutes
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Steps to Getting an Easy Braided Updo 

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 1: Section the front and clip away

Divide the front of your hair into two sections and clip away.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 2: Backcomb to add volume

Add volume by backcombing the roots at the crown of your head.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 3: Go for a low bun

Pull all of your hair at the back into a ponytail and then twist it around the centre to create a classic low bun. Secure the bun with pins.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 4: Dutch braid the front sections

Unclip one section at the front and start braiding it into a Dutch braid (swapping the hair under rather than over), finishing with a plait. If you want to level up your Dutch braiding skills, take a quick peek at our tutorial. Loosen the braid for a bigger three-dimensional look. Repeat the steps on the other side.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 5: Wrap the braids around the bun

Take each braid, wrap it around the bun and secure with pins. If you are keen on a more relaxed look, pull some hair out at the front and using a pin tail comb, pull the hair at the crown up.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Step 6: Fix with hair spray

To make sure the look lasts all day – fix with hair spray.

Updo - thick hair - 1

Looking Beautiful!

Enjoy your beautiful boho updo!