Quick Bun Preview

The bun hairstyle is a firm favourite – quick and easy to do, super-versatile and effortless. Follow these simple steps to find out how to do a quick bun.

The quick bun is the ideal hairstyle for when you’re exercising or when you are out and about.

This easy, topknot hairstyle works best on hair that hasn’t been washed for 24 hours or so.

If your hair is freshly washed, add grip by dusting some texturising powder onto the lengths and scrunching it in with your fingers.

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5 Steps to Get a Quick Hair Bun

How to do a quick bun

Step 1 - Brush it Up

Brush your hair back into one hand.

How to do a quick bun

Step 2 - Ponytail

Tie hair into a high ponytail.

How to do a quick bun

Step 3 - Twist

Twist the ponytail from top to bottom.


How to do a quick bun

Step 4 

Wrap your hair around into a bun.

How to do a quick bun

Step 5 - Secure

Secure the hair with hair grips. Set the look with hairspray.

How to do a quick bun

All Done!

Enjoy the finished look.