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How to help beat the post-summer blues – Superdrug
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How to help beat the post-summer blues

Group of young girls laughing having a pamper day with face masks

Ah, summer. A season that allows us to live our best lives – think socialising in the sunshine, exotic holidays and binge-watching our favourite shows (ahem, Love Island!). But, then those long, summer days start coming to an end and suddenly those positive vibes you enjoyed when the sun was beaming is now starting to fade – and fast. Don’t panic. There’s plenty of things to stop you from getting those pesky post-summer blues. Here’s how to keep riding that wave all the way through the year…

Group of young girls laughing having a pamper day with face masks

Set new goals

We’re very good at setting ourselves resolutions at the start of the year and then it’s never mentioned again past January 31st. Now you’ve just past the half-year mark, it’s a great time to reevaluate what you want to gain by the end of the year. This might give you that new leash of motivation to keep you upbeat. And while it’s tempting to reach for the stars with your goals (you know world domination, winning the lottery, getting a killer pay rise) try to be realistic and set yourself small but achievable objectives to keep the momentum going.

Top-to-toe refresh

Who said having a massive clear-out was just for spring? Get yourself ready for whatever autumn has to offer by switching on ‘new start new me’ mode.

When it comes to a mass overhaul, don’t overwhelm yourself before you’ve even begun. Start with the small stuff, like that messy drawer that you hide all your unsightly clutter in. And then ease yourself into the rest of your wardrobe, accessories, beauty kit and odd knick-knacks. Tidier home = tidier mind.   


If you think that the change in your mood is down to the change in the weather – namely lack of vitamin D from sun exposure – then you might want to try a vitamin supplement. Visit our in-store pharmacists for more advice.  

Pencil in plans

Summer always leaves us on a high because of all the social activities in the calendar, so treat autumn/winter the same way. Pencil in meet-ups with friends and family gatherings from now, so you’re not tempted to go into hibernation solo. And meeting up doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money or heading outside, you can get together on a budget and in the comfort of your own home with a little creativity. How about hosting a pamper night in your squad? Sheet masks at the ready!

Get excited for the new season

OK, so you might have to pack away your bikinis, festival flower crowns and flip-flops but think about all the stuff you’ll get to fall back in love with. Think cosy knitwear, cups of hot cocoa and using the weather as an excuse to never leave the sofa. Hello, autumn.  

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