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How Do I Deal with Stress & Anxiety at Home? – Superdrug
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How Do I Deal with Stress & Anxiety at Home?

When we are overcome with feelings of stress and anxiety, it can be all too tempting to jump back into bed and pull the duvet over our heads or to turn to something unhealthy to ease the feelings. If you have been feeling overwhelmed, super-stressed or just not yourself lately - try some of our mood boosting, stress-busting ideas to help you take back control of your day.

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1. Practice Self-Care

The best person to make you feel better is you. Sometimes, when it feels like your stress levels are going through the roof or anxiety is taking over, even simple tasks such as getting dressed for the day can be tricky. Following a basic self-care routine such as cleaning your face and teeth in the morning, putting on clean clothes and eating a healthy diet can help towards you adopting a more positive outlook.

2. Write it Down

Keeping a journal may sound totally 90s but jotting down your thoughts and feelings can help you identify what is causing your stress and anxiety. If you are all about the old school vibes, try putting pen to paper. Although, writing a journal on your phone or computer works just as well. Write down your thoughts from the day, any goals that you would like to achieve and start to build your own story. At a later date, you may be able to read them back and notice any patterns which were causing you to feel overwhelmed so you can avoid or eliminate these from your day-to-day.

3. Be Active

Yes, we know you’ve probably heard it 100 times already, but gentle, regular exercise is a huge mood booster - whether you enjoy it not! Exercise releases endorphins (the happy hormone) into your body and can work wonders in improving your mood. It may not make the feelings you are experiencing completely disappear, but it could drastically reduce the emotional stress you are carrying around with you.

4. Create a Comforting Space

Feeling comfortable is one of life’s little pleasures, so create a space within your home that brings you comfort and joy. This may be a cosy spot in your living room which features pictures of your loved ones, a clutter-free workspace with fresh flowers or even a bubble-filled bath with a burning scented candle in the room. Living with anxiety and stress day-to-day is not easy but identifying ways to relax can help each day feel slightly better than the last.

5. Laugh

There may be some days when the last thing you feel like doing is laughing, however laughter can really help reduce feelings of stress and flood your body with mood-boosting endorphins. If you can, listen to a funny podcast, watch a comedy, or even give a friend a call and ask them to tell you a joke!

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