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Holiday preparation involves more than booking flights, planning day trips and colour coordinating your wardrobe, your skin needs some pre-holiday attention too.

Smooth, soft, glowing skin is a holiday must have and will help you feel more bikini-beautiful but are you prepared to bare?

Full Body Exfoliation

If you only do one thing in your pre-holiday skin care prep –exfoliate! Exfoliating is key to building an even tan, long lasting tan.

Use a good body scrub to remove all those dead skin cells whilst you shower. Or try dry body brushing which is also great for helping improve the appearance of cellulite, double win! Before you jump in the shower spend about five minutes dry brushing, making sure to brush towards your heart in gentle circular motions.

Exfoliating is especially important if you plan on a pre-holiday wax. Gentle exfoliation (avoid really gritty scrubs) for a day or two days before a wax will free any hair that may be trapped under flaky dead skin.  


Mix heat, sunlight and flights and it’s a recipe for dehydration. Start moisturising as early as you can before your holiday for a head start on that glow. Drinking plenty of water is also important for keeping skin hydrated.

Moisturising will help pro long a tan so remember to slap on that after sun when you are away.

Go Fuzz Free

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However you decide to de fuzz, hair removal is an essential pre-holiday task. If you don’t fancy shaving every day, waxing or epilating are good options. They might take longer than shaving and be a little more painful but will give you 3-6 weeks of stubble free legs.

If you are waxing, always do before you apply tan, ideally three days before you go. As pores will be open after a wax, wait at least 24 hours before applying any tan.

Planning on a bikini wax? Remember you want to leave enough time for any redness to go down so try not to leave it to the last minute!

See our Guide to at Home Hair Removal for more information.

Best Foot Forward

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Cracked heels and dry skin won’t look pretty in those new sandals. It’s a good idea to start prepping your feet as soon as possible before your holiday. Use a pumice or electronic foot file to remove any dead skin and apply an intensive foot cream all over focusing on you heels and toes. Do this as often as you need before you jet off.

Don’t want to pay for a salon pedi? Read our guide on How to do your pedicure at home

Gradually Build Up Your Tan

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Unveiling that bikini body is far less daunting when you already have a hint of a tan. If you don’t want to look more bronzed pre than post holiday avoid spray tans and build up a natural sun-kissed glow using a gradual tanner.

Always use a tanning mitt when applying fake tan, this will ensure the most even coverage and will protect your hands from being tangoed. If you’re using a cream or mousse apply directly into the mitt and sweep across the skin in circular motions.