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Facts about your period – Superdrug
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Facts about your period

Alix fox holding tampons up her nose

It’s the bane of every girl’s life. It causes you pain, pumps up your stress levels to the max and always seems to come at the wrong time – no, we’re not talking about your ex. Good ol’ Mother Nature (aka your period) is problematic enough without all the myths surrounding it, which stress you out even more. That’s why we asked Superdrug sexpert Alix Fox to give us the facts about Aunt Flo. So whether you’re worried about having hanky-panky or wondering what the jeff to do if your tampon gets stuck, nothing about your period needs to be a code red.

Can I have sex during my period?

Yep! There’s nothing wrong with having sex during your period, as long as it’s what you want to do. With all the fluctuating hormones, you might be feeling a lil more lustful anyway… or quite the opposite. Cramps, PMS and mood swings aren’t the best fuel for getting frisky, so you might find that your period turns you off completely.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex during my period?

This one is a big fat yes, too. Sperm lives in your body for several days, so having sex during your period won’t stop you getting pregnant. A word to the wise… if you don’t want a baby, use contraception.

Can I catch an STI if I have period sex?

Another yes – and a big one, too. You’re more likely to catch an STI if you have sex during your period. During menstruation, your cervix is lower in your body than usual and is more open, which frees up the flow of bodily fluids. Speaking of fluids, there are more involved when you’re on your period, and as STIs are transferred from person to person through fluids, you’re at a higher risk of catching one. Bottom line? ALWAYS use a condom.

Is period poo a thing?

I’m glad you asked… it is indeed. Lots of women find that their bowels are baking a different kinda brownie when they’re having their period. Fact is, your hormones can wreak havoc on your digestive system, which can mess up your pooping pattern. Your uterus is also a lot plumper, which puts pressure on your intestines, causing you to feel that urge ‘to go’ a little more than usual. Finally, our eating patterns can change when we’re menstruating, and we may eat food that we wouldn’t normally choose. This change in diet can cause your colon trouble.

Should I shower more during my period?

No, there’s nothing dirty about your period, so you don’t need to shower any more than usual. You might feel comfortable washing more often, in which case go ahead. But don’t wash your delicate lady bits too much or use harsh shower gels and detergents. Your coochie is a self-cleaning machine and has a lot going on to keep the right pH levels and bacteria balances in place. Over-washing can upset that harmony and lead to problems like thrush.

Can a tampon get lost?

No, hun, don’t worry! Your vagina is a cul-de-sac, not a black hole… there’s nowhere a tampon can go. Chances are you’ve just lost the string – so don’t panic. Getting stressed about it will just make your muscles tense and removal more difficult. Squatting down as if you’re going to do a poo might be helpful, but if you still can’t find it, just see your GP, who’ll be able to sort it out. And don’t be embarrassed… they’ve seen it all before.

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