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Let the Random Acts of Kindness Continue – Superdrug
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Let the Random Acts of Kindness Continue

Female holding hands up in a heart

The Coronavirus pandemic and all that it has bought with it is something that we are unlikely ever to forget. However, throughout the challenging and often uncertain times, we saw an unprecedented amount of kindness. If you are struggling with the 'new normal' or are just having a bad day today, let's remind ourselves of how this year has bought us all together and how we can continue to support one another.

Stronger Together

Over the summer, when the first wave in the UK was at its peak, the nation came together in so many ways to keep spirits up and to help one another. For example, millions of pounds were raised to support the NHS and supporting charities through a series of virtual activities, strangers were helping strangers to ensure vulnerable people weren’t left without, brands have donated thousands of products to those in need and our NHS workers and let’s not forget the weekly Clap for Carers that erupted across the UK every Thursday evening for ten weeks.

Every single act of kindness, no matter how big or small, showed that people helping people can have a significant impact. So, as the lockdown restrictions continue to change, we encourage you to carry on the kindness as we readjust to life as it has become today.

Female holding hands up in a heart

Let the Kindness Continue

Not sure how you can help? How about trying some of these ideas?

Send a Motivational Message

Messages of kindness can be the difference between someone having a good or bad day. Tell your family you love them, remind your friends you’re proud of them and tell your colleagues they’re doing a fab job! You never know your positive message could change their day.

Make Your Server's Day

The hospitality industry has been hit hard this year, with places having to close, let people go, or cut their operating hours. If you are in an area where you can visit a coffee shop, bar or restaurant and safely social distance, remember that showing compassion to your server can go a long way!  Make eye contact with them when placing your order, ask them how their day is going, smile and if you can, tip generously!

Be Kind, Shop Kind

Of course, it is not just workers in the hospitality industry who have worked through the pandemic to ensure our 'normal life' remains as 'normal' as can be! Essential shop workers also showed up throughout the pandemic so we could have access to health and wellbeing essentials too.

In July, Superdrug launched the 'Be Kind, Shop Kind' initiative to support their in-store staff who were sadly experiencing a worrying increase in negative interactions with some customers in response to safety measures in-store. To find out more about how you can 'Shop Kind' and what Superdrug are doing to look after their staff, take a look at our post here: Be Kind, Shop Kind at Superdrug.

Share Your Newfound Skills

Who discovered in lockdown that they were a surprisingly good baker? Or perhaps you used your free time to learn a new craft or even a language? Whatever it was, why not teach someone in your household or 'bubble' something new you picked up and share the experience?

Raise Awareness for a Good Cause

During the lockdown running 5k for charity or donating to someone who was raising money for a worthy cause became the 'norm' and highlighted there are so many opportunities out there to raise awareness and funds. So, as we continue to support one another, why not check out ways in which you can support a charity in need? Supporting a charity doesn't always mean raising money, simply sharing a post on social media or checking out how you can help out in your local area can make a difference.


For the latest update on changes being made at Superdrug to ensure you can shop safely during the Coronavirus pandemic, hit the button below.

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