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Live your best life in contact lenses – Superdrug
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Live your best life in contact lenses

Brunette lady in opticians choosing between glasses and contact lenses

Contacts vs glasses... which side do you sit on? Okay, it may not be as juicy as Nikki vs Cardi or Katy vs Taylor, but it's one convo that people still have an opinion on. Popular misconceptions about what you can do in contact lenses often prevents people from giving them a go, but there really isn’t much you can’t do when wearing them. So, with the arrival of our shiny new contact lens service, here’s some top reasons why you should give lenses a try. Trust us, it’ll be love at first sight!

Comfort from day to night

If you’re on the go from morning 'til night, contact lenses will be able to keep up with your busy lifestyle. People often think that they can’t be worn all day – but these days, that just isn’t practical! So, go on and smash that presentation at work, be comfortable at your desk and enjoy a cocktail or two in the evening with the girls - all with the same set of lenses! (Just remember to take them out when you eventually get to bed!)

Three ladies having a night out with cocktails and contact lenses in

They're great for active people

Soz ladies and gents, you’re gonna have to think of another excuse to get out of that spin class you promised your BFF you’d go to, because contrary to popular belief contact lenses are fab for active people! They don’t move around on your face, like glasses do, and they don’t interfere with helmets, goggles or caps.  Plus, with your clearer vision, you can set your sights on achieving that new personal best!


New Superdrug contact lenses on a pink tabletop with makeup and beauty accessories placed around them

Enjoy clear eyesight

While we’re on the subject of clearer vision, you won’t just benefit from this when you’re working up a sweat. Contact lenses sit comfortably on the curve of your eye, giving you clearer and wider vision than glasses. So, next time your stealing a sneaky side glance on the tube, you won’t have to adjust your specs to get away with it!

Everyone's eyes may be unique but contact lenses can be used by just about anyone who needs help with their eyesight. So, why not find out more about our new contact lens service today? 

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