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In between the mince-pie eating, mulled-wine drinking and all-round merriment, you’ve probably got a pressie or two (or 10) to buy. So with all that on the agenda, forget schlepping from shop to shop. Our strategy? Knocking it out of the park in one fell swoop. And if you’ve found yourself involved in a Secret Santa – whether it’s for friends or a bunch of people you don’t know that well – here’s how to nail it.

For your girliest friend

We all know the sort: glammed up to the nines, never a hair out of place, always smelling like rainbows… If you’ve got to buy a Secret Santa for your glam friend, may we suggest this fragrance by fashion favourite SJP? It might be mini, but when she unwraps it, the impact will be mighty.

For your guy mate

He’s like a brother to you. Which probably means that he needs a helping hand with his grooming. You can’t buy him fragrance, like his GF can, but you can buy him this Baylis & Harding top-to-toe grooming set. He might not know what to do with it all, but as his best girl mate, you’ll get to educate him.

For your work wife

You’ve pulled out the name of the girl at work you really adore. Score! You know, the one you can split a sandwich with and debrief on last night’s terrible date. Shopping for her? It’s easy – you just buy something you’d want for yourself. Like this party-perfect palette from Sleek, packed with skin-finishing shimmers and highlighters. She’s gonna lurrvve you!

For the random you don’t know that well

You’ve somehow managed to pull out the name of someone you don’t know that well – hello Susan in accounts. Our suggestion? Get them the one thing nobody can have too many of: a candle. This fruity fragrance is a real crowd pleaser and looks twice its price. An extra glass of prosecco for you, then.