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5 best mindfulness apps

Flat lay of beauty products and smartphone showing mindfulness app

Mastering the art of mindfulness is not easy. One minute you’re trying to meditate and the next you’re 10 stories deep on your ex’s new bae’s dedicated brunch page. We got you. Instead of using your phone to distract from the task at hand, try downloading a mindfulness app to put your scrolling skills to good use. Here are some of the best…

Woman holding smarphone showing mindfulness app


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

A self-proclaimed ‘meditation guide’ and endorsed by the likes of Emma Watson (girl crush alert!), this app is a great introduction to the world of mindfulness. Packed with bite-sized tutorial to ease you into meditation, it’s low effort high payoff if you need help destressing, sleeping and switching off.


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

If you’re one of those ‘I don’t have time for mindfulness’ types, the Aura is the app for you. Whittling down its sessions (or micro meditations) to 3 minutes means you can slot in a little me-time even if you’re a hot shot CEO with no free time.

Flight mode

OK, so it’s not a legit app. But, flight mode is not just for cruising through the clouds safely and preserving battery life. Use it to switch off from social media and completely disconnect to allow you time to do something offline – for yourself. Get lost in a good book, do some colouring in/doodling or meditate.

Flat lay of beauty products and smartphone showing mindfulness app


Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

Run by teachers and leaders in the field of meditation, Buddhify is a bit different from the other meditation apps out there. It starts by asking you to pick where you are in your day (eg. waiting around, cant’s sleep, waking up), and then matches you to a custom meditation.

Mindfulness daily

Available on Apple iOS or Android devices

If you need a little nudge every day to be more mindful, then this app is the digital equivalent to an affirmation scrawled across your bathroom mirror. It provides short and snappy lessons in mindfulness that are created for you to be able to enjoy throughout the day.

Need a little help drifting off to the land of nod? We explore how mindfulness can help you sleep…

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