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There are so many makeup brushes out there, but which ones work best for mature skin? To help you choose the ones to invest your time (and money) in, we asked professional makeup artist Cassie Lomas for the brush 101.

Flat foundation brush

This is great for applying any cream products, from moisturiser to foundation, primer to cream blush - textures which flatter mature skin. The flat stiff bristles help you pack on the product for maximum payoff.

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Blending sponge

For more of a second-skin kinda feel, this is your best friend. It blends out foundation to give a natural look and is perfect for controlling coverage with thin layers of product that won't settle into fine lines.

TOP TIP: Run your blending sponge under the tap, squeezing as you do until you feel it puff up. Dry off any excess water with a paper towel, then use it to apply your makeup. The dampness makes sure the sponge doesn’t absorb all the product and gives makeup a smooth blend.

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Duo fibre brush

The fine bristles on this brush are great for blending out product. If you have any harsh edges on show, use this baby to buff them out with light circular motions. You can also damp this one down and use with foundation for a really light coverage that flatters skin of all ages.

Contour brush

This is completely flat on top, giving you total control over where you place the product. When contouring, tuck this brush into the hollows of your cheekbones and move backwards and forwards to create definition, or push the brush up and slightly over the cheekbones to help lift and sculpt the face.

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Eye brushes

It’s easy to get carried away with all the shapes and densities of eye brushes, but there are three main ones every woman should have in her kit. The first is a nice fluffy one for light washes of colour and blending, and can also be used for concealer and to pinpoint powdering. For something that’s gonna give you more of a defined stroke, you’ll want an eye contour brush, which is angled and stiff, so can add a bit more definition to the crease and smoke out the lower lash line. Finally, an eyebrow groomer is essential for giving your eye area a youth-boost. It’s got a small angled brush on one end, which gives you fine hair-like strokes, and a spoolie on the other end, so you can brush through your brows and control the shape of your natural hairs.

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Finishing brush

Nothing beats a big fluffy brush for finishing your makeup. It will give you a lovely blend on your product, so you can use it all over your face to blur out any harsh lines. You can also use it to apply powder and set your makeup, and it’s great for washes of blush or bronzer which inject glow back into tired skin.

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