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Vegan gold glitter eye makeup – Superdrug
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Vegan gold glitter eye makeup

girl showing off gold glitter eye makeup

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fun-time festival trends. Nope! Thanks to B. Cosmetics (and a little help from our pals at Bleach London), you can create whatever sassy style you’re after while remaining faithful to our furry friends – whoop! Here we show you a super-easy way to get gorgeous gold, glittery eyes using only vegan makeup. Spread the word, sistas!

1. Brush that brow

Neat and tidy brows are the crowning glory of your eyes, so begin by brushing them in an upward direction to create a fuller shape before filling in sparse areas with B. Pro Longwear Eyebrow Pomade Cream. Give them another quick spruce up with a spoolie to blend in the cream and you’re ready to get glittery.

2. Add colour

Add colour to your lids and make those peepers pop with B. Matte Bronzer in Medium. Layer up the pigment by applying it to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, blending out the edges and sweeping the colour onto your lower lash line and cheekbones.

B. Cosmetics B. Matte Bronzer Medium £5.32 Buy Now

3. Highlight

Now that you’ve nailed the base, create a dewy, gorgeous glow by sweeping B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment in Supermodel Sheen over your cheek and brow bones, nose and Cupid’s bow with a large fan brush.

4. Curl

Not only does curling your lashes make you look more awake, it also creates the illusion of big Bambi eyes – amaze. So, for a curl that’s truly kick-ass, gently clamp the curler for a few seconds at the base of your lashes and again midway through the length.

5. Glitter up

Time to get glitzy! Using the back of your hand as your very own palette, mix a blob of B. HD Flawless Face Primer with Bleach London Glitterati in Golden. Generously pat the product all over your eyelids, working from the inside out, before extending the glitter down onto your cheekbones. 

B. Cosmetics B. HD Flawless Face Primer £6.65 Buy Now

6. Mascara

No look is complete without big, fluttery lashes. Layer on a few coats of B. HD Lengthening Mascara and – voila – you’re a glittery gold vegan goddess.

B. Cosmetics B. HD Lengthening Mascara £6.65 Buy Now
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