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Valentine’s Day Nails – Superdrug
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Valentine’s Day Nails

Hands with heart shaped nail art

Calling all hopeless romantics. We’ve got an easy-peasy tutorial that takes ‘wearing your heart on your sleeve’ to the next level. Get hearts beating double time with this Valentine’s Day-inspired nail art design

Hands with heart shaped nail art

What Will I Need to Create Valentine’s Day Nails?

  • Nail file
  • Nude base coat
  • 2 x red nail polishes (we recommend a red rose and a darker burgundy for the most impact)
  • Transparent top coat
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Step 1 – All about that base

Dig out your trusty nail file and shape your talons into an oval shape - the pointier the better as this will form the tip of your heart-inspired design. Next, apply two coats of a neutral nail polish shade (think nude or pale pink) to create a solid base.

GIF of nail painted in nude polish

Step 2 – Create the first ‘heart’

Take your lighter red nail polish and draw two curved lines starting halfway through the nail and finishing at the tip. Fill in the shape and keep going over the shape until you’re happy with a symmetrical shape that mimics the top part of a classic heart.

GIF of red heart nail art

Step 3 – Create the second ‘heart’   

Once your first shape has completely dried, create the second ‘heart’ by using the darker red. Leave a small gap between the first and the second heart. After your design is complete and dried, finish with a coating of clear nail polish to keep the chips at bay (well, at least until Feb 14th!)

GIF of dark red heart nail art
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