Unicorn makeup feature

Want to stand out from the crowds of flower crowns? Upgrade your festival style this summer by swapping pretty petals for a unicorn makeup look that’ll mesmerise. After all, there’s nothing more transfixing than this mythical creature.

Follow our handy step-by-step tutorial – now where’s that unicorn latte?  

What Will I need to Achieve the Unicorn-inspired Look?

  • Silver eyeliner
  • Face gems
  • Highlighter
  • Black liquid eyeliner
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Step 1 – Draw silver lines under brows

Unicorn makeup step 1

Draw a line under each brow with silver eyeliner, following the natural curves of your arches.

Step 2 – Draw silver lines under eyes

Unicorn makeup step 2

Using the same eyeliner, draw lines underneath each eye, with a teardrop in the middle.

Step 3 – Secure face gems under eyes

Unicorn makeup step 3

Coat the base of a face gem stone with eyelash glue and place under the eye in the centre of the teardrop. Repeat.

Step 4 – Draw a winged eyeliner flick

Unicorn makeup step 4

Using liquid eyeliner, draw a winged flick. Need help mastering the ubiquitous cat eye flick? Check out our tutorial, here.

Step 5 – Highlight cheek bones & nose

Unicorn makeup step 5

Using a shimmer palette or glitter-flecked stick, highlight your cheek bones and a touch on your nose for a flawless finish.

Step 6 - Apply pink-hued lippie

Unicorn makeup step 6

Complete your dreamy look with a pop of colour to the lips. We recommend a pastel pink or coral.

Step 7 – Use hair & scalp spray

Unicorn makeup step 7

Finish with hair & scalp spray to protect your locks from the summer rays. Optional tip: Sweep hair into two low ponytails to complete your look.

Looking great!

Unicorn makeup step 8

*confetti canon not included*

Top Tip: Embrace the unicorn vibe by finishing your look with a glitter-adorned horn hair piece. Cue the compliments!