Ruffled, messy hair might work if you’re Ed Sheeran, but most of us like to smarten it up a bit. All you need are a few simple products and styling tools – and you don’t have to wear your hair the same boring way every day either…

Look one: Curly comb-over

Great for: Boys’ nights out, work dos

Wash your hair, then brush it over to one side with your fingers while it’s still wet. Add two small blobs of Superfish Fishfix Controlling Wax and brush it through with your fingers, to give it a bit of hold. Tidy it up out of your eyes, and you’re good to go.

Look two: Wavy fringe

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Great for: The office, formal meetings

Take your hair mousse (Shockwaves Curling Mousse will get your curls looking good), rub a ping-pong-ball-sized amount in your palms and rough it through your hair. Slick back the sides and leave to air dry. Tidy up your curls at the front and seal in place with VO5 Smoothly Does It Tame & Shine Spray, which will set them but won’t make them too crunchy!

Look three: Slicked back

Great for: First dates, posh dinners

Dampen your hair and rub a bit of Black & White Hair Genuine Pluko Dressing Pomade between your palms. Stroke your palms over your hair, pushing it back as if you were brushing it out of your eyes, until you get the look you want. Style it with a comb if you want it looking neater.