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How to get a Dewy Summer Glow – Superdrug
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How to get a Dewy Summer Glow

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Summer and sun-kissed skin go hand-in-hand. But, often that natural, healthy glow needs a little helping along. A little sculpting here, a little dusting of shimmer there. Yes, it’s time to fake it ‘til you make it. Achieve a dewy, summer glow without having to spend any time soaking up the rays with our step-by-step tutorial. Hello, golden goddess!

How can I achieve a Dewy Summer Glow?

  • Illuminator
  • Foundation brush
  • Oval brush
  • Matt bronzer
  • Shimmer bronzer

Step 1 – Mix foundation with illuminator

Dewy summer glow step 1

Take your everyday foundation and add a few drops of illuminator to the formula. You can do this in a palette or on the back of your hand. Mix with a foundation brush before applying as normal.   

Step 2 – Apply blusher all over the face

Dewy summer glow step 2

Using a blusher brush, apply a matt bronzer all over the face following the natural contours of the face.

Step 3 – Apply shimmer bronzer

Dewy summer glow step 3

Taking a layered shimmer bronzer, apply to the hollows of the cheeks to add subtle definition.

Top Tip: Use an oval brush to do this as opposed to a traditional blusher brush to pack in as much pigment and shine on application. It’s also better at blending colour for a more natural finish.

Step 4 – Finish with highlighter

Dewy summer glow step 4

Targeting the highest points of your face, apply a highlighter with your fingertips. Use under brow arches, above cheekbones, centre of the forehead, down the nose, chin, and on the Cupid’s bow. Finish with a little dab of highlighter in the corner of the eyes for a more wide-eyed look. 

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