One thing I could really do without is the ever so time-consuming task of cleaning my makeup brushes. Yes, I know it’s vital to keep the bad bacteria at bay, but factoring in a good few hours for the washing and drying process is just so damned inconvenient #millennialprobs.
Stylpro StylPro Electric Make Up Brush Cleaner & Dryer £39.99 Buy Now

So, when the StylPro landed on my desk, claiming to clean and dry makeup brushes in SECONDS, I was ripping the packaging open like a mad woman. I felt like my life was about to change forever.

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The kit comes with eight silicone collars, which are flexible enough to fit over most brushes. If you’re cleaning foundation brushes, you add the makeup brush cleanser into the bowl. If you’re cleaning powder brushes, you just need soapy warm water.

Now for the fun part! Choose the right size of collar for your brush and attach it to the spinning tool. Lower it into the bowl and switch on to begin whirling. Submerge the brush for roughly 10 seconds in the water and 10 seconds out of the water (still whirling). The result? A clean, dry, ready-to-use makeup brush in seconds. MIRACLES REALLY DO EXIST.