Packing the perfect products for a summer festival is harder than it looks. Your swear-by-’em, big-night-out items barely fit in your backpack, let alone your bum bag. So how are we supposed to cram falsies, dry shampoo AND enough SPF to last five days into one bag? If you’re struggling to whip your festival beauty bag into shape, you’ll be relieved to know that blogger and YouTuber Sophie Foster has done the legwork for you. And don’t you worry – face gems are still an #essential…

The gotta-pack-’ems

What’s first on the list of Sophie’s top picks? Cleansing wipes, of course. When you spend all day dancing, eating fast food and generally making merry, B. Pure Sensitive Cleansing Wipes will keep you daisy fresh. Pop Superdrug Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser in your parka pocket, too, cos there’s nothing worse than peeing in a Portaloo sans soap.

B. Skincare B. Pure Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Wipes £1.49 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Sensitive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel 100ml £1.25 Buy Now

Worried about your hair looking greasier than that burger you wolfed down late last night? Sophie always packs Batiste Plus Divine Dry Shampoo to keep her hair looking fresh.  

And because spending five dreamy days outside = serious sun exposure, make sure you’re shielded from the sun. Solait SPF30 Clear & Protect Transparent Sun Spray is clear so it doesn’t stain your clothes. If you’re going for extra pizazz, Sophie recommends Solait Shimmering Oil Spray as it has a glittery finish.

The makeup must-haves

Sophie is a big fan of Lottie London Festival Gems. Well, it just wouldn’t be a festival without a bit of glimmer now, would it?

Tired of losing your lash glue? Ardell Magnetic Accents Lashes don’t need glue – they stick onto your lash line magnetically. The best thing? They’re reusable and will last you All. Weekend. Long.

The final touch? It’s gotta be PaintGlow Unicorn Glitter Body Gel in Unicorn Tears. Its gel formula means you can smooth it all over your body, hair, face, everythangggg. Sophie’s secret? Pop some on your shoulders and collarbones.

PaintGlow PaintGlow Unicorn Glitter Body Gel 50ml Unicorn Tears £1.99 Buy Now

The bare necessities

Superdrug Superdrug Cushioned Plasters X 20 £1.99 Buy Now

Always pack plasters – you just never know when you’re gonna get a blister. Sophie always carries Superdrug Cushioned Plasters with her to protect her tootsies during a big night busting shapes.

And don’t forget condoms. Pop a packet of ONE Mixed Pleasures Condoms in your purse, so you always have them on you. And check out our vid of Superdrug sex expert Alix Fox showing you how to put a condom on.