Lauren Naylor holding up a clay face mask for oily skin

You’ve tried it all – matte foundations, every powder known to woman and countless blotting papers – but nothing’s getting rid of that grease. With skin shinier than RiRi’s diamonds, you need a fix, and fast. Curbing oily skin is more about the pre-makeup routine and less about packing on powder. We asked beauty journalist Lauren Naylor to share her skincare wisdom and give us the lowdown on a routine that’s simple, works wonders and is super-affordable…

If you’re wondering why you’ve got oily skin, it’s all in the sebaceous glands. These little babies produce sebum – the oil that lubricates our skin and hair – but if they’re overactive, they can cause our faces to look waxy and feel greasy. You’ll probably notice this more in your T-zone (which includes your forehead, nose and chin), as there are more oil glands in that area, and you’re probs prone to a pimple or two… hundred! Sebum blocks pores, so breakouts are all the more common if you’ve got oily skin.

Don’t skip double-cleansing

When you’ve got oily skin, it’s important to double-cleanse. Start with a cleansing oil – try B. Pure Micellar Oil – which may seem counterintuitive, but trust us. Oil dissolves oil, so use it to get rid of the grease and grime from the day, as well as your makeup. Next, you need something that’s going to go deeper into the pores, so wash your face with Superdrug Tea Tree Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, so it’ll banish any bacteria and give you a good deep-cleanse. Repeat these steps night and day for maximum oil control.

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Always exfoliate

Get rid of any build-up on your skin with a good ol’ dose of glycolic acid. This will eat away at those dead skin cells and exfoliate your face, leaving it looking fresh, fresh, fresh! It’ll also free up your pores and help prevent any pimples popping up. A great way to get your glycolic fix is with Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Foaming Pads. They’re simple to use, and there’s also a gentle version if your skin is sensitive.

Moisturiser is a must

If you don’t moisturise, your skin will overcompensate for the dryness and produce even more oil. Use Nip+Fab Post Glycolic Fix Moisturiser with SPF30 to comfort your skin after exfoliating. The formula is oil-free (always one to watch out for) and will help control sebum production throughout the day – perfect!

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Make time for a mask

Try to use a mask at least once a week. The B. Purified Clay Face Mask contains kaolin clay, which purifies your skin without drying it out. Apply it to your face and neck for a deep-cleanse and say bye-bye to clogged pores. It also has eucalyptus extract and a mix of oil-absorbing ingredients that give a cooling tingly feeling, which makes you go ‘ooooh’.