Romantic Pigtails feature

If the mere mention of ‘pigtails’ reminds you of yearbook photos you’d rather forget, allow us to rewrite that memory. Using just a sprinkling of sparkle, we’ve taken the old school classic into date night-worthy territory. Introducing, romantic pigtails…

What Do I Need to Create Romantic Pigtails?

  • Detangler brush
  • Backcomb brush
  • Sectioning clip
  • Elastic bands
  • Spray-on glitter
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Step 1 – Brush hair & create parting

romantic pigtails step 1

Using a detangler, brush through hair until you have silky, smooth knot-free locks. Next, use the tail end of a backcomb brush to create a centre parting. Simply glide it through the parting from the front all the way to the back. Twist and loosely clip one section.

Step 2a – Section & plait

romantic pigtails step 2

Taking the unclipped half of hair, divide into three equally-sized sections. Begin the plait by taking the outer section and crossing it over until it reaches the middle. Repeat on the opposing outer section. Keep on alternating until the plait reaches three-quarters down. Once happy with the length fasten with clear band.

Step 2b – Loosen plait & repeat

romantic pigtails step 2b

Pull on the sides of the plait to loosen it up. Release the other half of the hair from the clip and repeat step 2a until the plaits match in length. Fasten with band and loosen by pulling gently.  

Step 3 – Spray on glitter

romantic pigtails step 3

Take a glitter-in-a-can spray, and use to cover the clear band. Then, subtly work up the plait to create a more whimsical finish. Repeat on the other plait.