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Get the look: Rihanna – Superdrug
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Get the look: Rihanna

Model with Rihanna-inspired makeup

Rihanna is always killing the game with her makeup looks. Her dedication to glowing (and slaying) is truly inspirational, which is why everyone wants in on it. Luckily for you, we’ve devised a step-by-step routine which will leave you glowing like Riri in no time.

What do I need to replicate Riri?

Illuminating primer             Matte highlighter
Foundation                           Mascara
Blending sponge                  Highlighter
Illuminating concealer        Setting spray
Concealer brush                   Brows
Contour kit                            Lip liner
Contour brush                      Lip gloss
Eyeshadow                            Body glitter

Step 1: You need a good base

To make sure your look lasts a whole night on the dancefloor, prime your whole face. Use an illuminating primer to get you kick started towards a glow like Rihanna’s. When you’re sorted, apply foundation using a blending sponge in tapping motions. Get that airbrushed glow, girl.

Rihanna foundation

Step 2: What you feel can’t be concealed, but your skin can

Too busy living your best life to get your full 8 hours? Conceal dark circles using an illuminating concealer and a concealer brush. To get glowing, apply next to the centre of your forehead (above the in-between of your brows), along the bridge of your nose and the centre of your chin. Blend, blend, blend, blend, blend…

Rihanna concealer

Step 3: Sculpt it

Using a contour kit and brush, start defining your features. Trace your cheekbones from the line of your ears down to just below your cheekbone. Blend well. Then, apply contour along your hairline and blend downwards. We can’t stress the importance of blending enough. Blend like your life depends on it.

rihanna contour

Step 4: Killer eyes

Prime your eyes using concealer. Nextm apply a light nude eyeshadow over eyelids. Next up, cover your eyes in glitter with a shimmering gold Apply all over lids and blend well.

Ri’s never feared colour so you shouldn’t either. Add a pop or orange to the outer corner of your eyes and blend in. Then, dust the orange and gold shadows under your waterline. Finish with a touch of highlight on the inner corners of your eyes.

Hold on! We’re done with your shadow but not your eyes. For a quick intermission, now’s the perfect time to dust a matte highlight along your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead. Once done, it’s to coat your lashes (both top and bottom) with mascara.

Rihanna 9

Step 5: Shine bright like a diamond

It’s time to get strobing with another highlighter. This time, opt for a shimmery finish instead of matte. Brush the highlight along the tops of your cheekbones. Don’t be shy, use as much as you want – we’re aiming for diamonds here, people! Once satisfied, (using a lighter hand), brush highlight along your forehead, chin, and nose where you want to reflect light.

To make sure you stay like a diamond in the sky (sorry, can't stop won't stop) all night, remember to set your makeup. Spritz with a setting spray and prepare to dazzle them all.

Rihanna matte

Step 6: Brow goals

Rihanna’s brows have been on fleek ever since her 'Pon De Replay' days. She doesn’t go for heavy brow makeup though, so fill in your brows using light strokes with your preferred product. To get your brows as envious as Rihanna’s, dust a bit of highlight over your browbones. Simple, but brow-changing.

Rihanna highlight brow

Step 7: Liquid gold

Tom and Jerry, peanut butter and jelly, Rihanna and a bold lip…some things are just meant to be together. To pay proper homage Ri, you’ll need a creative lip. Start with a nude lip, slightly darker than your skin tone. Line your lips, but don’t fill them in. Then, it gets fun. Apply a generous amount of liquid gold (handily in the shape of lip gloss), and voila! You are reaching Rihanna levels of glow.

Next, it gets fun. Apply a generous amount of liquid gold (handily in the shape of lip gloss), and voila! You are reaching Rihanna levels of glow. 

Rihanna lip liner

Step 8: Feeling so good, looking so sparkly

You’ve almost made it to a goddess glow that only Rihanna is capable of. There’s just one more step. Body glitter. Oh yeah. Body glitter is officially back. Don’t worry though, it’s a lot more glamorous than your previous attempts aged 13 (we’ve all been there). Rub body glitter over your shoulders and chest (or anywhere else you want it), and you’re officially a diamond.

And that's it! You're ready channel your inner Rihanna. Be bold, be brave, be fierce.

Rihanna final look
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