Purple Eyeshadow feature

We’ve gone nuts for nudes. Bananas for blue. And now it’s time to add some pizazz with purple. A shade that’s gained popularity both on and off the catwalks, you’re bound to spot more lilac highlighters and royal purple eyeshadow palettes on the shelves than ever before. So if you find yourself adding the colour to your kit, here’s how to work with it both night and day…

What Tools Do I Need in my Kit?

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Daytime Look

Step 1 & 2 – Prime & prep

Purple eyeshadow look 1

So that your look stays put all day long, it’s vital that you prep the base with a little primer. Dab on and blend across the eyelids. Apply nude eyeshadow across the eyelids to create a neutral base.

Step 3 – Add pops of purple

Purple eyeshadow look 2

Next, take a purple eyeshadow and apply along your eyelid creases. Layer up the colour and blend in so the application is even and not blotchy.

Step 4 – Add more definition

Purple eyeshadow look 3

Select a darker purple eyeshadow and apply to the outer corners of the eyes and just under the lower lash line – this will add more depth to your look and widen your eyes. Using a clean brush, blend in the darker colour to create a gradual gradient.

Step 5 – Finishing touches

Purple eyeshadow look 4

Complete your look by adding eyeliner to your waterline and a few coats of your trusty mascara .

Evening Look

Step 1 & 2 – Go for glitter

Purple eyeshadow evening 1

To make this look more party-ready, we’re going straight for the gold glitter. Spray your eyeshadow brush with a setting spray and dip into a loose powder (this trick helps pick up more pigment!). Apply across the eyelid and blend in. Wipe away any excess powder with a fan brush. 

Step 3 – Add eyeliner flick

Purple eyeshadow evening 2

Take liquid eyeliner (we like using a felt pen for precision) and define your eyes with a feline flick.

Step 4 – Finish with falsies

Purple eyeshadow evening 3

Amp up the attitude by adding some false lashes into the mix. Add the glue along the lash first before lining up and gently pressing into place. Use tweezers to position if you have a shaky hand.

Looking fabulously fierce!!!

Purple eyeshadow evening final