Origami Bun feature image

Looking for a sophisticated look to make the style pack swoon? We’ve got just the trick. Inspired by the intricate Japanese art, this origami bun is an effortless way to show you mean business. Disclaimer: this hairstyle requires long hair to create.

What Will I Need to Create an Origami Bun?

  • Detangler brush
  • Heat protecting spray
  • Sectioning clips
  • Hair straighteners
  • Backcombing brush
  • Clear bands
  • Hairspray
  • Hair grips
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Step 1 – Brush through hair

Origami Bun step 1

Using a detangler, brush through hair until all the knots and tangles are out. Apply heat protecting spray all over and comb through. This will give you the perfect base before styling.

Step 2 – Section hair & straighten

Origami Bun step 2

Taking the top section of hair, pull back and loosely clip. Begin straightening the hair underneath, section by section. Once you’re happy that the under layer is super straight and sleek, unclip the top section and continue straightening.

Step 3 – Create a low, side ponytail

Origami Bun step 3

Create a centre parting, take a backcombing brush and pull hair into a low, side ponytail.  Secure with a clear band.

Step 4 – Use hairspray to sleek over ponytail

Origami Bun step 4

Apply hairspray on to the bristles of the backcomb brush and gently pat down roots, as this will keep flyaways at bay. Spray a generous amount of hairspray on the tail end too. This will ensure hair is crisp and sleek – ready for origami styling.

Step 5 – Fold over hair & create a flick

Origami Bun step 5

Grip the ponytail and place a finger underneath the band fastening. Take the ponytail and fold upwards, over your finger, and grip down with your other hand to form the bun. Remove your finger ‘aid’ from the bun and secure with a clear band.

Take the rest of the loose hair and wrap around the bun to build on the size, while adding texture. As you reach the tip of the hair, do not be tempted to tuck it all in as you would normally do to. Instead, leave a ‘flick’ loose. Once happy with the effect, secure the hair into place with grips.

Step 6 – Spray & straighten flick

Origami Bun step 6

Apply hairspray directly to the 'flick' until it feels stiff. Usually this is a hair no-no, but for this hairstyle, it needs to be stiff to look super sharp. Next, take the hair straighteners and direct the loose flick upwards. Once happy with the angle of the flick, finish off with a coating of hairspray all-over.