Neon Party Nails

It’s easy to get stuck in a colour rut. There’s always room for another grey jumper or a little black dress, right? But, if you want to inject some much-needed vibrancy into your usual neutral palette then we’ve naied it! Add some va va voom by mastering these neon nail art techniques…

What Will I Need to Create Neon Party Nails?

  • 2 x contrasting neon nail polish
  • Tape & scissors
  • Transparent top coat
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Neon Party Nails: Lightning Bolt Design

Neon Party Nails

Step 1 – Cut & place tape

Take a piece of nail art tape/masking tape and cut out a zig zag-shaped stencil. Place in the centre of the nail.

Neon Party Nails 1

Step 2 – Paint half the nail

Pick out a bold-coloured nail polish (we’ve gone for a sunshine yellow!) and apply to one half of the nail. Try to keep inside your zig zag line, but if you overlap on to the tape slightly don’t panic!

Neon Party Nails 2

Step 3 – Repeat on other half

Apply a contrasting shade of nail polish to the other half of the nail until both shades meet in the middle along the tape.

Neon Party Nails 3

Step 4 – Remove tape

Once both sides are dry, carefully peel back the tape to reveal your design. Go over the edges with a thin brush until you get an effect that stands out.

Neon Party Nails 4

Step 5 – Top coat

To seal the design and prevent chipping, finish with a glossy top coat.

Neon Party Nails 5

Neon Party Nails: Stripe design

NeonPartyNails 2

Step 1 – Cover nail with tape

Position a piece of tape across the nail, covering at least half.

Neon Party Nails Step 1

Step 2 – Add colour

Go over the exposed part of your nail with a bold-coloured nail polish. We recommend going over the colour twice for a bold finish.

Neon Party Nails Step 2

Step 3 – Peel back tape

Once your nail has dried, carefully peel back the tape to reveal a super straight diagonal line.

Neon Party Nails Step 4

Step 4 – Mix it up with a contrasting colour

Take a contrasting nail polish and apply to the other half of the nail. Use a thin nail art brush or lip liner brush to help you keep a straight line edge.  

Neon Party Nails Step 4

Step  5 – Apply top coat

Once the final colour has dried, finish with a clear top coat. This will preserve the polish for longer!

Neon Party Nails Step 5