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How to: Modern 80s Updo – Superdrug
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How to: Modern 80s Updo

Modern 80s Updo feature image

Ah, the 80s. The era that gave us spandex, scrunchies and shoulder pads. Pay homage to the playful decade with this 80s updo hairstyle - perfect for rocking to the Friday night roller disco, no?

What Do I Need to Create a Modern 80s Updo?

  • Clear bands
  • Detangler brush
  • Thin barrel curling wand
  • Backcomb brush
  • Hair grips
  • Hairspray
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Step 1 – Brush hair & section into three

modern 80s updo step 1

Use a detangler and brush through hair to get rid of any knots and tangles. Next, you’re going to section hair into three ponytails. Start the first high and secure into place with a clear band. Position the second ponytail directly underneath the first, with the aim to get the hair tie as close to the first as possible. Repeat this step for the third and final ponytail.

Step 2 – Curl the ends of the ponytails

modern 80s updo step 2

Clip the top two ponytails together and keep to one side, out of the way. Apply heat defence spray to the tail end of the third ponytail and take a thin-barelled curling wand. Wrap small sections of hair around the wand, one at a time, to create tight ringlets. Continue until the entire ponytail has been curled, before repeating the steps on the ponytails that were clipped back.

 Step 3a– Backcomb hair & twist

modern 80s updo step 3

It wouldn’t be an 80s-inspired look without volume. And to create that classic, bouncy look, use a backcomb brush. Fluff up the curls by brushing through and backcombing. Once you’re happy with the extra volume, create a quiff. Do this by gripping all ponytails together, twisting and positioning the tail ends upwards. Use plenty of hair grips to secure into place.

Step 3b – Rough up ends & use hairspray

modern 80s updo step 4

Once the quiff is secure, use your fingers to tousle up the ends to create an edgier finish. And to ensure your look lasts all night, apply a generous coating of hairspray. It is the 80s, after all!

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