Messy updo

Not every hair style has to look sleek and refined. Follow this tutorial and bring a fun, boho vibe to your look with this messy yet chic updo.

What will I need to achieve this look?

  • Hair band
  • Hair pins
  • Brush or comb to tease hair
  • Sparkly hair accessories
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How to Get the Messy Boho Updo

How to Messy Updo

Step 1: Section Your Hair

Divide your hair into two sections – top and bottom. Pin the top part of your hair away for now.

How to Messy Updo

Step 2: Pull into Ponytail

Pull the bottom section into a tight ponytail.

How to Messy Updo

Step 3: Time to Tease

Starting at the bottom going up, gently tease the ponytail.

How to Messy Updo

Step 4: Wrap Around

Wrap the teased hair around the band and secure with hair grips or pins. Don’t worry if it looks messy – this adds to the look.

How to Messy Updo

Step 5: Curl the Top

Let’s go back to our top section. Unpin the hair and curl it using a curling wand or a tong. Afterwards, loosen the hair gently with your fingers.

How to Messy Updo

Step 6: More Teasing

Tease your hair around the crown area for extra volume.

How to Messy Updo

Step 7: Playful Curls

Play around with the curls by pinning them on to your messy bun. This doesn’t have to be in any order as we’re going for a nonchalant boho look.

How to Messy Updo

Step 8: Finally Neaten the Crown

Neaten the teased hair around your crown and apply hair spray.

We hope you enjoy this messy updo look!