thumbnail with Cassie Lomas and model and text reading 'makeup tricks to help hooded eyes'

Getting shadows to sit smooth and liner to look lovely can be a bit of a challenge when your eyes start to look slightly hooded. We asked makeup artist Cassie Lomas to give us her ageless beauty tips and tricks – and show you how simple smoky shadow and a touch of liner is really all you need for mature skin…

Use a contour kit as an eyeshadow to sculpt the crease

gif that shows makeup artist applying contour shade to crease

Choosing a powder that’s just a bit darker than your skin tone in your eye crease will help to define it and open up your eyes at any age. Dip a fluffy brush into the dark powder from the B. Pro Contour Kit, then pull your eyebrow up to reveal the socket. Move your brush from side to side, blending the product into the socket line to create a natural shadow. If it looks a bit heavy you can use the lighter shade in this kit to buff out the edges.

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Use a pigment to highlight

gif showing makeup artist applying pigment to highlight inner corner

Highlighting in the right areas will really make your eyes pop and detract from any fine lines or wrinkles. Using a stiff eyeshadow brush, apply B. Cassie Lomas Glitter Pigment in Shine On to your inner corners for a hit of glow. Sweep any excess over your eyelid to blend the look together. You can also dust a little on your browbone for extra definition.

Apply eyeliner to your lower lash line

gif showing makeup artist applying eyeliner to lower lash line

Using eyeliner on the top lash line will make your eyelids look smaller, so, instead, line your lower lash line with B. Kohl Liner in Jade. Apply the product close to the root of the lashes, then buff out any harsh lines and press the pigment well into the skin with your finger for a flattering look at any age.

Always curl your lashes

gif showing woman curling her eyelashes

Make your eyes look wide open by curling your lashes with a B. Eyelash Curler. Place it at the roots of your lashes for maximum lift, and pulse 10 times with your fingers to make sure they’re getting really curled. Finish with a lick of B. HD Lengthening Mascara for an extreme youth-boosting effect. 

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