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Makeup for glasses

thumbnail featuring woman wearing makeup with glasses

Getting your makeup to look perfect when you wear glasses can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t have the know-how. Specs can overpower your face and hide your eyes – and don’t even get us started on how they mess up makeup on the bridge of your nose. Now we’re not prepared to walk around blind, and contacts are just too much faff, so we need to work out a way to get around the problem. That’s why we asked pro makeup artist Cassie Lomas to give us some tips.

How do I stop makeup rubbing off?

makeup artist using a beauty sponge to pat off excess makeup

First thing’s first, you’ve gotta wear a primer. It really helps your makeup stay put throughout the day. Another trick is to apply just a thin layer of foundation to the areas where your glasses touch your face (like the bridge of your nose), using a B. Blending Sponge. Simply press it onto your skin to lift off any excess makeup.

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How do I prevent mascara getting on the lenses?

makeup artist applying mascara to roots of lashes

This happens because your lashes naturally grow outwards rather than upwards, so curling them is a must if you wear glasses. It’ll lift your lashes, so they don’t touch the lenses. Use a volumising mascara rather than a lengthening one, so you get fuller-looking lashes without causing problems, and apply most of it to the roots of your lashes.

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How do I make my eyes stand out?

makeup artist applying eyeliner to upper lash line

Give your eyes definition by adding liner but avoid black as it can make your peepers look smaller. Use something with a bit of colour, like B. Kohl Eyeliner in Copper, and apply it close to the upper lash line, concentrating most of the product on the outer corner and close to the roots. For even more of a pop, add a bit on your lower lash line.

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What can I do to stop my glasses overpowering my face?

Makeup artist applying red lipstick with brush

We’ve concentrated on the eyes but if you find your glasses are stealing all the attention, go for a really bold lip. Pick something bright and colourful like a classic red. We’ve gone for B. Cassie Lomas Matte Liquid Lipstick in The Nineties.

What do I do with blusher?

makeup artist applying blusher to cheeks using rim of glasses as a guide

If you wear glasses, you should apply blusher while you’re wearing your specs. The bottom rim of the glasses gives a guideline to where you should be placing it. Sweep the blusher onto the apples of your cheeks and blend it up to the centre of your ears – as you do this, the brush should just be hitting the bottom rim of your glasses.

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