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Get the look: Mabel – Superdrug
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Get the look: Mabel

Mabel storms through the charts (and our Instas) thanks to her unique style. Not only are her songs totally amazing, but her effortlessly flawless style has inspired a generation of makeovers. What can’t she do?!

What will I need?

Primer                                              Brow pencil
Sheer coverage foundation          Highlighter
Concealer                                        Bronzer
Orange eyeshadow                        Liquid liner
Eyelash curler                                 Pink satin lipstick
Mascara                                           Lipgloss 
Individual lashes                            Concealer brush
Foundation brush                          Lip liner

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Step 1: prime and prep

Mabel needs her makeup to stay put while she kills it on stage at the world’s biggest festivals. We need our makeup to stay put while we kill it in the crowd at said festivals. To do so, apply primer all over your face. Don’t forget to prime your eyelids – Mabel’s eye makeup is iconic.

Mabel prime

Step 2: Keep it fresh

One of the best things about Mabel’s makeup? She keeps it light. This is super refreshing for both your look and your skin. Use a foundation brush to blend a sheer coverage foundation (trust us, you’ll be radiant) over your skin. If you’ve got any blemishes or dark circles you want to hide, cover them with a concealer. To achieve an airbrushed look like Mabel, use a concealer brush to blend well.

Mabel foundation

Step 3: Orange we glad for Mabel (sorry)

Before we go any further, we’re gonna let you in on a little secret: Concealer helps eyeshadow stay put. You’re welcome.

Mabel eyeshadow prime

After you’ve primed with concealer, it’s time for eyeshadow. Mabel has helped to bring back bold eyeshadow and we couldn’t be happier. Take full advantage by dusting an orange shadow over your eyelids and blending well.

Mabel eyeshadow

Step 4: Lashes for days

Follow these 3 steps to get envious lashes like Mabel:

1. Lengthen your lashes with an eyelash curler.

Mabel 5

2.  Coat your lashes with mascara - don’t forget your lower lashes!

3. Apply individual lashes (you only need one bunch) to the outer corners of your lashes to really make them pop.

Mabel individual lashes

Step 5: Brows on fleek

If you find Insta brows a tad intimidating (who doesn’t?!) today is your lucky day. Simply brush your brows and fill in using light strokes. You can use whatever eyebrow product your heart desires, but we prefer a pencil because you can get the pencil and brush all-in-one. Smart, right?

mabel 8

Step 6: Killer cheekbones

Give yourself a radiant glow instead of a blinding strobe by dabbing highlight along the tops of your cheekbones.

Mabel highlight

Once done, lightly contour your cheekbones using a bronzer. Brush the bronzer outwards in, from the line of your ears down to the middle of your cheekbones. Blend it well.

Mabel 10

Step 7: Fake it ‘til you make it

Freckles are all the rage now. Couture shows feature them, make-up artists rave about them, Mabel has them… they’re a big deal. Use a fine tip eyeliner to dot where you want to enhance your freckles. If you don’t have any, simply dot where you want to fake them.

Mabel freckles

Step 8: A perfect pout

  1. Start by lining your lips with a pink lip liner.
Mabel lip liner

2. Paint your lips with a pink satin lipstick. A satin finish will help to enhance your overall glow. And finish your pout with a clear lip gloss.

Mabel lipstick

Step 9: The finishing touch

You’re almost done! There’s just one more thing… are you ready to trust us? Okay. Apply the clear lip gloss over your eyeshadow. It looks totally amazing – once you try it, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before!

Mabel gloss
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