Lip Stains feature

Lipstick, we need to talk. We’ve had a good run over the years (minus your obsession with teeth!) but it’s time for a change. Our hearts belong to another! A product that’s punchy and keeps our pouts looking selfie-ready all night long. All hail the mighty lip stain.  

Want to know why it’s our new fav? Watch on to discover two versatile looks that can be created in seconds…

What Will I Need for these Lip Stain Looks?

  • Lip balm
  • 2 x lip stains (one darker, one lighter)
  • Lip liner
  • Blotting paper/tissue
  • Lip brush

Step 1 – Moisturise the lips

Lip Stains step 1

Start by coating lips in a layer of lip balm. This will keep your pout hydrated and will prevent the lip stain from bleeding into any cracks.

Step 2 – Line the lips

Lip Stains step 2

Take a lip liner that matches the shade of the lip stain you’re going to use and build up a bold border.

Step 3 – Get staining!

Lip Stains step 3

Start filling in the lips using your lip stain. Don’t rush this process because if any product falls outside the line it may cause a blurred finish as the product tends to not budge once applied. Use blotting paper to tone down the colour if you want a natural look that’s office-appropriate.

Step 4 – Optional ombré

Lip Stains step 4

If you want to take your look from day to night, then we have just the trick. With your base colour in place, outline your lips with a darker lip stain shade (for this look we’ve got a pink base so have opted for a darker, berry tone). Then go over the middle again with a lighter stain. Blend the two shades together using a brush.