model wearing cat eyeliner inspired by Kylie jenner instagram picture

Kylie Jenner is back with another beauty hack, and this one may just save you from all those winged-liner woes. We know, we know – too good to be true, right? Wrong! This little liner trick will have you putting down the liquids and gels and reaching for the shadows. If you’re like 90% of the population and just can’t seem to get your flick on fleek with liquid liner, switching to shadow may just bump up your beauty game. Here’s how to nail the no-liner cat’s eye…

Prime time

Since you’re working with shadows, you wanna give them some serious staying power and primer is the only way. Cover your eyelid in e.l.f. Shadow Lock Eye Primer in Sheer and blend out the product with your fingers.

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Lay a base

This look is all about the neutrals, so we’ve gone for shades from the I Heart Revolution I Heart Nudes Palette. First off, you wanna set the primer and give your eye a subtle wash of colour. Sweep the shade Undressed all over your lid and blend up to the brow bone, to create a seamless transition.

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No liner

Now for the magic. Take a darker shade in the palette, like Brazin, on a small angled brush, tap off the excess and press the product right at the roots of your upper lash line. For the cat’s-eye flick, use the same kinda application technique as you would for gel or liquid eyeliner. The angled brush will help you to a flawless finish. Shadow is a lot more forgiving than black liquid liner, and your feline flick will be subtle and a lot more natural-looking… win!

Load up the lashes

To give this look even more Kylie magic, load up those lashes with lotsa mascara. Wiggle the wand through your top and bottom eyelashes, making sure you coat every one – and you’re done!