Model wearing Kim Kardashian Met Gala Makeup

Kim Kardashian killed it at the 2018 Met Gala. Golden Versace dress of dreams aside, her glam was so on point she managed to throwback to the nineties and propel Cleopatra 2.0 vibes all at the same time. Created by her bff MUA Mario Dedivanovic, no doubt this look is going to inspire a new generation of red carpet copycats. So, we said a quiet prayer to the makeup gods and they answered! Here’s how to recreate Kim K’s killer look and it’s easier than you might think. Bible.

What do I need to create Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala 2018 look?

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Step 1 – Prime for your life & prep brows

To keep this look in place all night long, you need to prime well. Start with an application all over the face and use concealer over the eyelids. Tidy up your brows too using eyebrow pomade and outline with concealer.

Model applying concealer to brows to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

Step 2 – Create a brown smokey eye

The easiest way to create a brown smokey eye is to invest in a golden/brown palette. Starting with a mid-tone brown, apply to the outer corners and cut crease. Next, go for a darker colour underneath this outline and finish with a light golden/nude to the centre and inner corners. Make sure to blend the hues together so it’s a natural gradient – never streaky!

Model applying eyeshadow to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

Step 3 – Eyeliner on fleek

To channel them feline vibes, use a black gel eyeliner and angled brush to create a dramatic flick going along the upper lash line. Do the same along the bottom too. Blend it out – think less noughties goth and more nineties supermodel glam.

Model applying eyeliner to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

Step 4 – Lash it up

Throw on some false strip lashes (be careful not to smudge that artful eyeliner!) and then go over with a few coats of mascara for good measure.

Model applying fake lashes to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

Step 5 – Contour like there’s no tomorrow

Kim K’s signature style is her contour, so this part is important if you want to nail this glam. Start by applying foundation all over using a blending sponge. Next, contour and bake using banana powder to create a chiselled finish. Finish with a dusting of highlighter across the cheekbones, Cupid’s bow and forehead.  

Model applying banana powder to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look

Step 6 – Finish with an ombré nude lip

Taking a leaf out of her sissy’s Kylie’s lip trick, Kim has gone for a darker lip liner so start with a dark brown outline. Fill the rest using a light nude and blend together to create the ombré effect.

Now admire your hard work with enough selfies to make your very own book…

Model applying lip liner to create Kim Kardashian Met Gala look